1st Ormrin made RPG: Cards RPG (mostly non-fight) – description dependent, made by OrmrinHASHTAG5257 in Discord

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You are supposed to play HIGHER nonaggressive BEING, canine face look and tail having (Canine people – CP), escaped from nuclear damaged planets in the SIRIUS system (some Scorpions invaded that all). There is just only one ship (but with labs, stores, one infirmary-hospital and (large) crew) with a warp engine – which was made (an experimental piece) and escaped – to Earth, landed on other side of Moon…

SPECIAL SKILL FOR KP (draw as bonus skill) – suggesting singing, usage as modification up to 3 times a day, can be used just for dealing with a sentient being – just one per song. The higher modification, the longer it takes. 1 usage = easy action, 2 usages = full one action… This skill CP understands as non-aggressive although it means level down for humans – for adults at level 1 it goes to child and from child level, it stops – makin target absolutely obeying…

Play CP as much non-conflict as you are able (see below). GM can and should give 1 – 5 exp. from each game session from that well playing. Session length is set as a week with a weekend of game time.

If in ANY kind of conflict which your duty/honor or so can not allow avoiding, then still AVOID ANY AGGRESSION. If in NEED (health or even life danger), then defend in priority passively and in a way of „…the attacker is ILL and needs to be put (asleep / bonded) in isolation AND ALL in direct contact with him as I know TOO because it can be INFECTION…“. Success in isolating ill beings (all as from direct contact from the first known) is counted as a mission/quest (see below Leveling).

SYSTEM: draw card / roll dice (see below) as appropriate

  1. Normal deck of cards = wider resulting is draw from all cards of one color x2 and -2 and so 2d13-2. Results are 0 – 24, middle number (MD) is 12. Human and lower beings roll.
    1. And tighter resulting is draw from lower cards of one color times two and so 2d10. Results are 2 – 20, MD is 10. Higher being roll.
  2. STANDARD DICE rolling, use 4d6-4 (0 – 20 and MD is 14) for the wider results. Human and lower beings roll.
    1. And use 3d6+3 (6 – 21 and MD is 10) for tighter results. Higher being roll.
  3. Deck of Tarot = wider resulting is draw from major arcana (0-21) and so 1d22-1. Results are 0 – 21, MD is 10. Human and lower beings roll.
    1. And tighter resulting is drawing from minor arcana plus three, which is 4 – 17 and so 1d14+3. Results are 4 – 17, MD is 10. Higher being roll.


  1. Situation: + / – 5 and just one side gets it.
  2. Gear: up to +5 for human or lower beings, up to +10 for higher beings, and both sides get it.

Final result = draw/roll as appropriate, then determine if fatal failure or total success is the result (lowest number or ALSO 16 in major arcana). Then add modifications and skill if appropriate and also attribute of such skill if an effort was used (up to3x / day for each attribute), if no appropriate skill is present, then just add appropriate attribute and effort as above mentioned.

If a task is to be opposed (if can be opposed), then the opposing side draws/rolls too – and for the success level, the final result is used.

Player character (= PC, CP means a canine person as an example of higher being) making


Basic human has basic 5 lives – as are elements including ether, then + / – Perk(s), for higher being (CP) base is 9 – as the proverbial cat;), then + / – Perks.

Stamina base = 5. You lose 1 Stamina just after the whole conflict (after the Initiative is rolled, then turns are around as long as the conflict is to be solved) or after any fatal failure or after skill check even out of combat if it is reasonable – doing fatigue. After each loss of Stamina, if at least short rest does not follow, then the next not easy action will cost another Stamina. If 1 = long rest needed, else no Stamina back (after long rest all Stamina is back). If 0 = so much fatigue then the PC can do just free actions and else just watch… Stamina below zero (which can be because for example SOFT HIT or LOW BRAIN DAMAGE) means unconsciousness.

Attributes (can not be upgraded directly):

  1. Motivation – creativity and will – inteligence (solutions) = (clubs / wands, batons, clubs, staves).
  2. Dexterity – reason – speed – honor – intelect (speed) – wisdom = (spades / swords, blades).
  3. Socialization – senses – sexual desire (!) – emotions and love = (hearts / cups, chalices, goblets, vessels).
  4. Strength – health – toughness – a material body and possessiveness = (diamonds / pentacles, coins, disks, rings).

Make 4x draw/roll of wider randomness and add 1 if a child or older being, else add 2. Beings below humans add zero and they have just 1 – 3 skill(s) (see below). Attach results to attributes as you want for the player, else as appropriate (for GM making NPC / any being).

If you are playing human, then you can take the 5th draw/roll as repair to one attribute (color independent), if playing a higher being then you have +1 / +2 more draws/rolls (see age above – child/older adult or depends on how high being) and can repair that number of attributes. Beings below humans do not do the repair.

Perks – select 1 for a child (any being), select 2 above 18, and then +1 for every +10 years up to the middle age of 38. Any Perk can be selected just once – if not noted else. Each 10 levels = +1 Perk. Beings below humans select zero Perks – they can have just genetic modification Perk (see below). For each attribute of +5 can be added just +4 and +1 to any other attribute. For each 10 s. s. (c. s. recount to s. s. value) in any full s., the connected attribute gets +1, up to +5.

  • Child including CP child (female 10 – 18+, male 12 – 18+ or old being – both are explained more below). This Perk means ZERO hospitability cost up to adulthood (18 or even longer if the life story – studying – allows it, anyway up to 28). Adult beings have to pay for hospitality but from start, they have DOUBLE EE (in-game currency counting) if CP or TRIPLE EE if human – see Business below. Lives = -1 for child and -5 s. s. (see skills below). The older human or CP is, the worse gets – each year above 38 is -5 from specialized skill points (see skills below) and -1 Life which minus is counted just for aging purpose for every tighter resulting roll of years above 38 until death. Any starting roll which would result in death can be repeated. Above 88 just 1 Life of aging can be used.
  • Genetic modification = this Perk is for ZERO (so even a human child can have it) and allow 1 reasonably other Perk and can be taken once for a human for start and once again in-game and thrice together for a higher being. This Perk can be gained in-game if the game development (story) allows it, which then means a BONUS of healing (nearly) any illness immediately, including poison or drug addiction. If this Perk is wanted from start, it needs reasonable Background marked at the highest level (1 from 1 – 5 as in school).
  • Tough = +1 Life.
  • Weak = -1 Life, but double Skilled (see that Perk below) – which can be combined with Skilled Perk itself.
  • Wise = +5 Wisdom (see below).
  • Geared = +3 pieces of gear as appropriate (by Background – which can be ANYTHING as appropriate, GM alowing-dependent) up to 3 EE of cost total.
  • Wealthy = +3 EE of wealth.
  • Socializing = +5 Socialization. CP can take this Perk up to 7 – difficulty (1 – 5) times even from start, but each 2nd is just for dealing with humans, but each 3rd is BONUS +5 for dogs, coyotes, wolves, etc.
  • Motivated = +5 Motivation.
  • Intelligent = +5 Intelligence.
  • Speedy= +5 Dexterity.
  • Dextrous = +5 Dexterity.
  • Strong = +5 Strenght.
  • Tough = +5 Toughness.
  • Healthy = +5 Health and +1 Life but both just against illnesses.
  • Skilled = + 20 to s. s. If 1 c. s. is to be bought, it means that 10 s. s. are spent and then the c. s. value started at 5. Then 2x c. s. of at least 5 in each can be changed to full skill, starting at 5 value.
  • Subordinates = + 1-4 (the highest) if higher being or 2 – 14 (all) if human of subordinates as appropriate by Background (draw/roll firstly). This Perk can be taken repeatedly and each next selection means adding the number draw as is the number of the selection (10th selection means TEN draws). For each 9 + difficulty (1 – 5) level this Perk can be taken for free. Each subordinate can be starting as just the same race and is created normally and has one level below the person taking him in that time (!) – if the such subordinate has this Perk, then the subordinate adds OWN subordinates, which can result in an army!;) But just the first level of subordinate „below“ you can have this perk. For else beings, the „cost“ is 1+dificulty level (1 – 5) posts spent for higher beings and lower beings can have 7 – difficulty (1 – 5) of persons per post. Any subordinate value of levels can be exchanged for more subordinates of lower levels, together with the starting sum. So 10th level subordinate can be changed to 10x 1st level subordinates or 2x 5 level of subordinates and so on. Subordinates getting exp. exactly as PC / KP, and they do get exp. from learning (not just given idea), while PC (including KP) can get exp. also from what was TAUGHT to them (including given idea).
  • ETC: as GM approves!:)

Skills (full) – concentrated s. – specialized s. – see drawing attributes above

You can draw from wider randomness 5 times for 5 s. skills if PC is an adult and 3 if PC is a child. ((OPTIONAL: Difficulty (1 – 5) means +9 s. s. per each of 7 – difficulty level.)). If 1 c. s. is to be bought, it means that 10 s. s. are spent and then the c. s. value started at 5. Then 2x c. s. of at least 5 in each can be changed to full skill, starting at 5 value. If you have enough high value of s. s. at the start, you can change as appropriate to c. s. or even full s. and still have the rest in s. s. If playing higher being, do select skills as appropriate, so no historical skills – just if Background giving a reasonable reason. If playing human, no sci-fi starting skills are allowed – just if settings allow it (see below). Historical skills for CP: Any matter related damage doing kind of skill, any matter related vehicle kind of skill, etc. as GM made settings together with players.

Example: Shooting (group can be REPAIRING or MAKING!) – pistols + revolvers (group can be REPAIRING or MAKING!) – kind of pistol OR revolver (s. s. can NOT be repairing or making). Pistols + revolvers damage value is 1 – 2 (2 means heavy pistol/revolver), for small (stealthy) pistol is gear modification +3. Type = matter+speed (shot bullet). Stick or so is gear modification of +1 (damage 1) and no weapon is for 0 (basic damage 0). Any passive defense is gear modification up to +3 if appropriate. So enough clothes can give +1 against a knife (small knife has a modification of +1) or stick (small has a modification of 0).

Gear – up to 3 pieces for higher beings (excluding any Earth gear or property and excluding own flat or transport above bicycle kind of gear – not mentioned house – in the base, rented room not counted as gear, current month is paid), 5 for humans (INCLUDING own transport up to the motorcycle, excluding own flat or house or garage, but flat and little flat with a garage can be rented already – current month is paid, which is not counted as gear). Normal clothes or wearable accessory is not counted as gear. But the BIG backpack is gear.

Type – efficiency – effect

Example for plasma cutter (usable as a weapon, gear for – from start – just higher beings)

Type: energy (plasma), so numerically 8 from 10 (10 is spatial / antimatter), efficiency from tighter randomness – because of higher being gear, the effect is high heat cut (plasma over laser, wider and more hot cut) with doing damage of 4 to any appropriately unprotected structure (at least from start no force fields are allowed as I can not imagine that tech. realistically).

USAGE: As weapon = take effect (if enough energy – recharge consuming as is energy efficiency), add skill if such is present and attribute if the effort was used – if allowed. AFTER INITIATIVE is counted if needed, then add draw a card as described, add modifications, count and describe/ask for the result(s), if opposed draw for the opposition. Count lives lost / structural damage done if the action can do damage of that type.


People making business as is the settings, but higher beings have just BARTER units, name as Egg of effect or Effect egg (EE). 1 EE is worth 1 month living in their moon base with Earth’s artificial gravity, food and drinks are included in the cost. Not whole EE is not accepted (or even nor counted) – based on difficulty (1 – 5). EEs are stored in a personal purse in EGG SHAPE, worn mostly as a necklace (resp. dog-collar for fun;)) and function as credit card + money minicomputer with satellite signal… 1EE can be granted just for at least hard work for a week including a weekend in the base or similar size of help on Earth (as GM set difficulty, 1- 5 work weeks without weekends). Session length is set as a week with a weekend of game time. Start EE = count values of the highest skill (if more has the same value, then select one) and the highest attribute (if more of the same value, select the one most appropriate to the highest skill), add POSESSIVNESS (SRENGHT) AND add 7 – (1 – 5 as in school) per quality of Background (story) – as GM evaluates it. Similarly, for humans, their wealth can (and should) be counted as EE with the above counting, but Background has a DOUBLE effect. All ADD 7 – difficulty (1 – 5). Note: KP is born in EGG form…


Any moving (a couple of steps / super short distance of run/jump without the previous run) is easy action. Anybody has 3 easy actions in a turn and full action costs 2 easy actions. Any mimic/gestures/speak-able being has 1 free action for speech or so, which can take from just one word or gesture (easy action of length) up to a smart sentence – 3 easy actions in length. Turn has 3 sec. CYBERWARE and MARTIAL ART of enough high level – and for cyberware of the appropriate type (NOW – 2022 – just for higher beings) – can add up to 7 – difficulty (1 – 5) easy actions for as many turns as is energy enough. The best one can even ALSO add +1 to Speed or else attribute for that time (based on energy efficiency).

INITIATIVE + describing attempts

The initiative is Speed+Motivation+draw exactly as when creating character including all modifications.

If the same initiative, the higher being go before the human. Else draw from ALL both sides and who will be quicker depends on who will have a better result, if the same, then the same speed (the result will be draw and description based).

Each NORMAL (1st draw) init. Firstly describe the attempt (PC and NPC…) so higher init. can then change action, but NOT if another draw was needed (so low difference in speed) nor with the same speed.

HARMing and HEALing

Unarmed base damage is 0, so for +1 a success of value 10+ (every 10 means +1) is needed. The base difficulty is 0. The difficulty of harm to being which is not opposing (using skill + attribute if effort wanted and allowed or attribute if no skill and effort wanted and allowed) is target appropriate armor or so + / – situational modifications if not counted at attack side (remember, the more quick side can change action after describing attempt).

Human auto-heal (if at least somehow help to that is done) up to 1 life each session for more than 2 harm together or even 1 harm each day for lower harm than 2. KP heals up to 2x better and even with no help.

  • The human first aid kit or so can heal basically 1 harm, but it is success-dependent. So if 10 above, then +1 – cumulative – and if 10 below then -1 (not cumulative). One attempt per person.
  • CP first aid kit giving +1 to +5 (see gear above) to an attempt. One attempt per person.
  • The human infirmary is for 1-4 (draw/roll), also success-dependent as above. One attempt per person, but when is the first kit also there then it means +1 attempt – but just as high result as is the first aid kit.
  • CP infirmary doubles draw/roll – but not the first aid kit attempt bonus. Any KP infirmary is just in the base from the start.
  • The human hospital is infirmary +1 – +3 (gear – description dependent) to any attempt and has many first aid kits.
  • CP hospital is 1 – 5 of gear value and includes PLENTY first aid kits. Any KP hospital is just at the base from start.

Any attempt needs appropriate skill at the level of drawn/rolled result, any above is lost. No such skill is counted as 1 but just for the first aid kit and just if the attempt is made by an adult (else 0).


  • Any sex with giving orgasm (with description) is 1 exp., sex of CP with human 1 exp. and if orgasm was given (human must agree or get hypnotized, see above), then +2 exp.
  • Anytime and from any reason if any value could get above top for that being, then it stays on the top, the above top is lost, but 1 exp. is gained.
  • If a mission/quest is well done, that gives + (7 – value as in school, so 1 – 5) exp. to each active participant.
    • JUST FOR KP: Success in isolating ill beings (all as from direct contact from the first known) is counted as a mission/quest even if there is no such mission/quest (yet).
  • PC (including KP) can get exp. also from what was TAUGHT to them (including given idea). Also, self-learning is working. All is description-based.
  • If brain damaged or ANY Hypnose for human taken if you play human, it means LEVEL DOWN per such damage resulting in -9 s. s., selected as wanted. Also, the next level up is counted for purposes of subordinates or allowed gear level (!) as 1 level below per such damage done in the whole life – cumulative. Example: Level 3 PC got one Hypnose (1 easy action spent from CP), so drop to level 2 (giving away 9 s. s. which are to be self-selected). For subordinates, which can be taken on level up, so on 3 (or later), then the taking level is counted as 2 (or if later – for example at 4 – then still -1 meaning go to 3 and IF CUMULATED BRAIN DAMAGE, then more minus).

PC / KP / subordinate needs 5 + (7 – difficulty (1 – 5)) exp. to get level up.

Every level do +5 s. s. and can change Background acordingly. Let us do the talk over all!:)

Every 10 levels = +1 Perk OR +10 s. skills (see above) upgrade. Each Perk can be taken normally only once, but some Perks have been noted else.

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