11 „Nukes“ Statements (not just opinions)

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With still some war (or „at least“ terrorism) ongoing, we never know when real nukes will start exploding (ilustrational picture for Nukes Statements)

This is a web post with „nuke impact“ Statements (including explanations if I think that it was needed)

Please understand that as a SPIRITUAL MASTER I have HUGE knowledge about the soul (psyche), God / Consciousness, the Truth behind Nature (for example WHY genders were made!) and so on – therefore I am presenting these Autoritaive Statements. PLEASE SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, IT CAN SAVE LIVES AND EVEN SOULS!:)

  1. Suicide is murder and the criminal should pay for the rescue if rescued. But should get psychotherapy for free – and social support (payments) if needed. But in case of lethal illness (double-checked with other medical facilities), euthanasy should be allowed (for free). Your life was just borrowed by God and nobody has the right to just trash it (also see below point 2.)!
  2. Abortion is murder and should be banned worldwide (meaning at least that if a pregnant woman gets an abortion in another country, she still should face punishment in her home country). Abortion should be allowed only when a mother´s life is in lethal danger. In case of rape, the raped one (including a man) should be allowed to get standardized psychotherapy which the rapist has to pay for it. The soul sometimes is ready to be born even before sexual contact! Child-care fees should be raised and not counted against other social payments (child-care fees belong to the child, not to the mother)! If the father does not paying, he should be put in jail – but just with forced work and paying that way!
    1. Men should be made MUCH more responsible UP TO HALF OF THEIR PROPERTY INCLUDING ANY FUTURE INCOME (even unofficial if saw such) BELONGS TO THE MOTHER (more mothers in case of one father have to share the half but with some minimum payments for which any father will be responsible).
    2. There should be MUCH more sex education including psychosexuality (including teaching how to recognize psychological manipulation – see below point 4.).
    3. Conversation (especially for DISARM CHARGED SITUATION), anger management and martial arts especially for women from basic school should be mandatory.
  3. Jobs reasonably openable for both genders should have gender-independent payments!
    1. The jobs which should be reasonably just for women should be paid better (especially child care).
  4. Just imprisoning a criminal is not enough – where is the repayment?! Forced work in jails should be added.
  5. The voting right and any political or judge job should be given just to people who will pass the critical thinking test and false argumentation test (it should be done in two tests as driving license, so let’s call it VOTING LICENSE).
  6. Any abuse of political power (stating from „just“ corruption) should be looked for and punished much more severely!
  7. LGBT+ people should be TOLERATED, but JUST THAT. They should NOT BE ALLOWED TO SAINT MARRYADGES NOR AS PARENTS – but in case of inheritance (after died partner) they should have full rights. God made WO_men for Serious reasons. Do not mess with Nature! If you feel uncomfortable with your gender (or if you even have a vagina with hidden penis or no sexual organ) you much more need PSYCHOTHERAPY to get used with your (main) gender than any sex surgery! There are just TWO genders – even the EXTREMELY RARE people with both or none of the sexual organs can be determined as a (more) woman or man.
  8. Civil or army service (anyone shouldvto choose one) should be mandatory (at least 2 / 1 year) – especially for surviving skills and helping others (see next point).
  9. First aid, at least basic self-defense, survival skills and psychohygiene – well-being (!) should be mandatory, beginning in basic school.
  10. Any abuse of the ecosystem (beginning with unallowed trash places) should be punished more severely and it should be resolved ASAP. Ecology as a school subject should be mandatory from basic school up to (excluding) universities (connected with survival skills – see the previous point).
    1. Ecology – survival sub-subjects:Gardening (including composting – see below point 3. and nature fridge building – see below point 3.).
    2. Animal taming, training and caring (connected with the Gardening above).
    3. Cooking (both genders!), baking (including bread-making) and even basic Chemistry for this task (preservation and even alcohol making).
    4. Recycling – reusing (connected with the Gardening above), repairing (! – both genders!) at least clothes, basic car and flat and even house maintenance. ELECTRICITY AND EVEN ALSO HEAT+COLD MAKING (underground water finding, water from air getting, well digging, water + wind turbine assembling, nature fridge building…).
    5. Electronics (from security sensors to computer assembling) and Computers for nature (irrigation programming, satellite searching – maps and weather forecast getting, etc.). THIS MEANS THAT ENGLISH LANGUAGE (as the common one) SHOULD BE LEARNED before…
  11. Any abuse of religious / faith power (beginning from manipulation, through sexual abuse and ending with terrorism) should be looked for and punished more severely.

You can CONTACT ME HERE. Grandmaster Radan Chrobok – Sri Satguru Tatrawadarsi (= Noble Grandmaster „Lord of Liberating“).

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