1st report from online text play: Played TTRPG named „Grok?!“

Velmistr Radan Chrobok/ TTRPG

– please read also my main post (also kind of a report) about RPGs: http://92tbcthzh4femnl.mhwebdesign.cz/rpgs-self-development-and-psychotherapy. This concrete game´s rules can be bought at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/395261/GROK.

GROK?! is an adventure role-playing game where you assume the role of an adventurer in a gonzo world of boundless plausibility and use your ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome strange and perilous threats.

Planet Grok was once a haven for trans-dimensional migrants and a bastion of advanced technomancy, until a cataclysm rendered it a desolate hollow planet. Now, feral monstrosities haunt its chasms, cities float among the clouds, and a derelict space station encapsulates the planet and bathes the world in perpetual phosphorescent radiation. Yet, a new era of enlightenment is dawning. Civilizations grow from the ashes, relics of immense power await those who would learn their lost secrets, and threats of caste warfare loom as leaders vie for power. All the while, a creeping black nothingness peers up through the hollow of the world.

Inspired by the core tenets of old-school adventure games, GROK?! was influenced by greater works such as Cortex Prime, Electric Bastionland, Fate Core, Freeform Universal, Index Card RPG, Knave, Numenera, Savage Worlds, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Technoir, Troika!, and Vagabonds of Dyfed.

My first impression of that game – the rules report.

I do not exactly why – maybe the „light shining“ pictures, although kind of apocalyptical setting, from the rule-book (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/395261 – RPG with very low-level rules:)), but I felt quite optimistic. With my tendency to be a power player (explained below) I said to myself, that if I select one super-smart Asset, I would be able to have a lower number of Assets for having more Resouce Points to spend in-game (like Effort for the main example – look at the picture of too much Effort ;)). POWERPLAYER is a person who finds the most powerful set of playing a character (PC) for self-superiority and also does rules research to find all which can be used as an advantage… GMs have the tendency to not like hat attitude too much (I think that reason is mostly arguing about rules usage in-game).

My first impression of actual play (play by post – PBP – in https://rolegate.com).

My first actual play was set as ADULT, therefore it is password protected. And yes, the initial setting seemed (at least for me) even darker than the kind of Apocalyptical setting of the original „Grok?!“ game. But I do not complain, as I even like to solve „unsolvable“ – and how to be a real hero without real obstacles?! Because I took one cursed subAsset – just an item in the pocket (Container, with which I kind of cheated I think. I am looking forward to what Director – GM – will say) I want that way to compensate super-smart spell („Golden fishy“ = 3 weak wishes per day) and effective equipment. Therefore I asked all other adventurers (see below) to help me. They agreed, especially Pulpo I think, who is in search of truth which maybe also could be found in the near cathedral. GM (Director)…: mrwhiskers#5415 from Discord and the official (not just) „GROK?!“ discussion server is https://discord.gg/7jMnG7pn. PLAYERS (Actors)…: Me as Wizard Ormrin Sinkalte Ged (as the Ged – Sparrowhawk – from the book „Wizard from Earthsea“ – Ursula le Guin) also known as „Wishmaster“. Oswald – marketer, mostly theoretical, aka economist (he has a university degree but without practical experience, therefore he wants some – like me). Pulpo (Octopus) – bulbous body having chrononaut who possessed dead man with mole rat needed feeding. He was and is smuggling truths and now he is looking for the truth about failing tunnel gardens. Sinclair-1000 – automaton (robot) that I do not know enough yet. – picture of player´s avatars (Ormrin = me, Sinclair-100, Oswald, Pulpo) and GM´s avatar. Picture of players and GM vatars from playing TTRPG *Grok?!*. PARTY ENDED PLAYING (GAME ENDED) – sadly, after just a few rolls (and only mine) other party members had no more time to continue…

Conclusion (for now) of this report.

I like the simple rules, as being simple does not mean the inability to have a complex game (it just has to be built up and I liked the game itself (I now hopefully understand what means „GONZO“;)), so now I AM LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS TO MAKE NEW GROUP AND I AM EVEN OPEN TO BE THE DIRECTOR (GM).

You can CONTACT ME HERE. Grandmaster Radan Chrobok – Sri Satguru Tatrawadarsi (= Noble Grandmaster „Lord of Liberating“).