1st Ormrin additions to TTRPG Monsterhearts

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Sources for TTRPG Monsterhearts Rulebook of TTRPG *Mosnterhearts 2". – the picture is the rulebook of TTRPG Monsterhearts 2

The main book of TTRPG Monsterhearts for free = https://kupdf.net/download/monsterhearts-2_5a36cdf5e2b6f52c04a57e2c_pdf, else materials for free = https://buriedwithoutceremony.com/monsterhearts (author´s web).

In the main book of TTRPG Monsterhearts are noted Skins (like original Apocalypse World playbooks = character preparations) which are not available on the mentioned web. So below is my attempt to make them. There will be the Sasquatch (Bigfoot), the Wyrm (Dragon-like), the Cuckoo (drug / illegal sex business / stolen stuff dealer), the Unicorn, the Firstborn (fairy tale hero(ine)…), and the Neighbour (Assassin – surprise!;)). And the Selkie (Mermaid) – the Sirene / the Fen-fire (the same Skin but with 2 sets of moves depending on concrete sub-Skin). My addition (even more below) for TTRPG Monsterhearts are the Berserk, the Wizard (Mage), the Witcher (Magickbreaker), the Brainworm, the Genie and the Shadow (Double-ganger). See my Monsterhearts monster / NPC list – it is my first attempt at it (far below) and also all Skins made by me are my first attempts, so please let me know how it was when played!:). Also seee quotes (even more below) from http://apocalypse-world.com game threat sheet and (area´s) threats map. I also added examples of independent moves for TTRPG Monsterhearts. I am sure, that playing Monsterhearts in AW settings would be fierce fun!:) I am also thinking of playing Mosterhearts and „Monster of the week“ together (and in AW settings).

RULES aditions / kind of HACK of TTRPG Monsterhearts

  1. Queerness off! – you can use the asexual move even if you are not asexual against being turned on. Non-Attraction: If someone targets your character with Turn Someone On but it’s not possible for your character to get turned on in that situation, let them know. Instead, it counts as a roll to Shut Someone Down using hot. OR KEEP NORMAL MOVE OF „TURN SOMEONE ON“, THEN CHOOSE STRING FOR THE TARGET, WHICH YOU CAN USE IMMEDIATELY (EVEN KIND OF RETROSPECTIVELY) AS IF IT WILL BE STILL THIS MOVE – THIS IS ESPECIALLY GOOD FOR MANIPULATING.
  2. Direct spying (seeing, scouting, searching) – roll cold: 10+ = fully sucessfull spying (you describe and GM can just say „stop“…); 7+ = spyed partially – deal with GM; miss = got caught with nothing spyed. Spying PER PEOPLE (asking around, searching staff in market or library – OFFline) – roll hot… – respectivelly use move of „Turn Someone On“ for maniulating move – see above.
  3. STUFF section: Deal with GM. Basically you get 3 set of clothes and boots – each up to your Origin level. 1 stuff usable as basic weapon or armor 1 (you can choose jus one from thos sentence). Money up to your monthly income. Smartphone with some credit – based on Origin level, but without data (from start). Lihter (gas, fillable), e-torch (acumulator inside plus recharger), knife, crapy computer at home or computer or even cool computer as appropriate to origin level. Backpack or even big backpack and even plus pretty purse – up to Origin level. As much TRINKETS as appropriate to your Origin level (no family 1, partial family 2, good family 3, rich or noble family 4, super rich or royal family 5) – trinkets are for example in http://enneadgames.com/generators-and-tools/hosted-gen-post-apocalyptic-trinkets.
  4. Advanced advancements added: After you take your 5th advancement, then you can take anything from folowing:
    1. Take any season advancement if it can be in this season – which is already possible, because rules saying, that seasons advancement are unlocked.
    2. Take another Skin to play with too. You can choose to have 2 minds and the you can have Strings with each other without one knowing sensory imput of another, or you can choose 1 mind together without Strings to each other and knowing about both sensory imput.
    3. Become a Monster hunter (MH)…: You officialy and knowingly in you town become a Monster Hunter. Which means, that you are allowed and obligued to hunting monsters (including nearly all poor PCs) nobody is allowed to hunting you while you have such status. Oh and it is at least part time job (minimum 4 hours in each working day) and it is income, but based on hunted monsters or helping with it (including cleaning) only. Deal with your boss. This advancement you can not take, if any Monster hunter or the Witcher already taged you as not good monster.
  5. If you get „healable killed“ by rules, you still fail into unconsciousness or even coma up to 8 hours which is counted as sleep for purposes of recharging. If you can not use any of the two „healing killed“ status methods, then you are dead meat. So sorry…:

Quote from TTRPG Monsterhearts:

Skirting Death
To avoid death, erase all harm and choose one:
 Become your Darkest Self,
 Lose all Strings you have on everybody

Věnujeme se i TTRPG pro rozvoj a zábavu.
Věnujeme se i TTRPG pro rozvoj a zábavu.

New Skins for TTRPG Monsterhearts

The Sasquatch

You are the mythical and mystical Bigfoot but in human form – or at least enough without doctor´s check. In your arsenal are mystical skills, mainly for stealth aproach. You know, that there some people wanting to meet you – but you do not want it because you are afraid of being caged then. At least, there is no disease which can get you to the doctor and you can have baby just with another gender of your kin.

Name: Gertruda (gorgeous / great), Gerda (gorgeous / great / the savior), Gerard (gorgeous / great), George (gorgeous / great), Billy (big), Bob (big), Ben (big), …(any) Smith, Joe (joyous), Emily / Ema (energetic), etc.

Look: big (muscular / fat or tall and muscular / fat), bold (muscular / fat), tall (very), gorgeous (muscular and tall), big feet (nearly allways), hairy (nearly always for a male).

Eyes: big, sharp, deep, moving still, great green or sky blue – romantic

Origin: Indian / Tibetian / Chinese / Mongolian Bhutanese / Bengalese imigrant / ambassador´s daugter / son (kind of rich but with VERY low number of contacts) – if you play adult and gm agree, you can be ambassador, else your brother in law or even brother or so

Hot (-1) Cold (1) Volatile (1 / 0) Dark (0 / 1)

Darkest self: You immediatelly (if possible) run away to your hideout (if yours is known by anybody not trustworthy, then run to some unknown including breaking in) and start hiding here and near – looking if nobody is up to you. You just can not start any communication excluding basic shopping or maximum 1 message to person who you trust the most (replies are allowed but just to the person). You can escape your darkest self if someone to who you trust finds you and assures you that it is OK to return (needing 10+ roll on any positive talking move).

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Sasquatch move.
 Take another Sasquatch move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Join ANY Group to which you have joinable access. Keep friends close, enemies even closer.

Backstory: Because you are hiding your true nature if not more, you give no String to nobody. If any other Skin make you to give Strings, then you can deduct 1 String from such giving. But you gain no string to anyone.

MOVES – you get Hideout, and choose one more. SPECIAL – if someone who is suspicious over you get second suspicious over you, then the target will start thinking that you are (even good) monster. If someone who was / is suspicious over you finally got to the conclusion that you are (even good) monster and you got that information anyway as character, then you have to activate your darkest self.

  • (SELECTED) Hideout: You have hideout who nobody know about. You know how to break in any reasonable place (lockpicking, code scrambling, cards faking…).
  • Stomping over: If you want, you can use your mystery migh as kick(ing) with big foot – meaning +1 ongoing in the fight. But anybody who see it can get suspicious over you. Roll cold: 10+ = you were able to hide it as a martial skill or so; 7+ = just 1 person got suspicious – but you do not know who; miss = all who see such got suspicious.
  • Become giant: Thanks to your mystery might once in a day (24 hours) you can turn to true giant for up to one hour. Your volatile is then +2 ongoing (!), hot -2 ongoing (!) and your harming is +1 ongoing (!). But anybody whoo see such got the knowledge that you are monster – you will be considered giant (and dangerous). Your weight is 3x…
  • Stealth skill: For any stealth purpose (including stealing, searching in someone property or so) your cold is +1 ongoing. And thanks to some dark mystery you will leave no trace (no fingerprint nor DNA).
  • Watching over: For purposes of watching over (not just seeing), scouting, and visual searching your cold is +1 ongoing.
  • Mystery mist: Thanks to some mystery might you can conjure mist / fog / cloud (including on sky and in any clod-reasonable shape) – for fun or for hiding, which means -1 to any watching or search roll. If winter goes on or sun burning for more that ten minutes, the cunjured obstruction is dissolved. After use of this move, it needs at least 1 hour to recharge.
  • Hide target: Thanks to some mystery might you can hide any target which you can walk around in up to 10 minutes of your noral form average speed, which is 1km of narrow and easy terrain. Hiden target is in higher world (!) where are just higher beings and animals and so on. Anyone and anything from hiden target can go out, but then can not go back (including you). when you cast this, you are begin out if you not stated otherwise (hiding yourself within target). You can not hide anything (nor part of it) which is already hidden by this skill – so if somebody somehow got in (or was in when hiden) and you want to hide something before the somebody, you are screwed (you can ůhide“ it normally or put it outside hidden target – and then hide it by this skill). This super skill last up to 1 hour – and you can end it sooner. For next usage you need at least long rest (8 hours of sleeping) and full food (dinner or lunch or really better breakfast).

Sex move: When you have sex, you are soo good – but as animal kind of. You get +1 ongoing but not cumulative to move of Turn someone on of (each) partner. But each partner is suspicious then – which is cumulative. See SPECIAL note by the MOVES heading.

The Wyrm

You are fierce dragon! Hehe, no, no – I was kidding you. But you are dragonish kind in human form (normally), so you ARE fierce. But on other side, who do not want to hunt dragon, especially mean one? So you should not abuse your powers – which are tempting you to do so, not mentioning messy humans and so on. Are you really ready?

Name – firstly your TRUE name, but you have to have normal one: Uroboros, Glaurung, Shmak, …(something)orm(a) (= …dragon(ess))

Look: fierce (strong) – including eyes, cold (pale skin and cold eyes), mystical, weird or even creepy (you define) – including eyes, brown (sun bathed or by race), black (is racism in your game?)

Eyes: deep, sharp, strange (you define), fierce, cold – you have to take eyes as appropriate to look as above mentioned)

Origin: Very rich family and even „old“ money, old or even noble family, political high family, military high family – but any such family is (very) little and has just absolutelly needed contacts and avoiding even them.

Hot (-1) Cold (0/1) Volatile (2 / 0) Dark (0 / 1)

Darkest self: You immediatelly turn to true form. Your hot is then -2 ongoing, volatile and dark are +1 ongoing and you harming by +1 including your dragon´s breath. You are big (more than giant), lizardly, noisy and even flames / water or concentrated steam / visible gas / snowflakes and icicles going from your breath. Your secret is out – oh no! You can escape your darkest self just if someone will tame you (even just as animal) or when you kill at least the one who caused that.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Dragon move.
 Take another Dragon move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Get a treasure (like a dragon:)) – which can be a person (see move „Kidnap prince(ss)..“)

Backstory: Because you are normally hiding your true nature, you give no String to nobody. If some backstories make you to give Strings, then you can deduct 1 String from such giving. But you can gain just 1 String on anyone from the beginning.

MOVES – you get Dragon´s breath, and choose one more.

  • (SELECTED) Dragon´s breath: If you will, with breath out you can make your element (as is your look and concretised below) to go out as magical (!) materialization of such element in 90 angle cone before you (any axis as you turn your head before usage, IN usage you can not move head). It is area attack with 2 harm, 2m in lenght plus side elemental effect as appropriate. Elements: Fire (fierce, volatile, hot, beautiful), water – ice-kind attack / steam (cold, cool, calm, kind), air – wind (thin, small, easy going, light minded), earth – gas / rocks (big, bold, fat, gorgeous), aether – magic / Abyss (!) (strange, shadowy, mystical, weird or even creapy, occultist, magic liking). This superskill need at least 1 hour of reacharging after usage.
  • Treasure guarding: You are in position of (family) treasure guarding (if you play adult and GM agrees, it can be YOUR treasure). For limiting / inspirating of your treasure add together all PC´s (including yours) belongings (just pure personally owned) and add 1 something as put together with GM. Your treasure can – but not have to – including your normal posession (starting items). It should be the biggest wealth in your game in area… It has to be transportable – so no normal house or heavier. You have +1 ongoing to all moves for the sake of guarding (but not retrieving) any piece of that treasure. Normally nobody out of your family know about that treasure or your guarding task. If whole treasure is taken / destroyed / lost, you get -1 to all moves ongoing until you acumulate the same worthy tresasure as you had.
  • Kidnap prince(ss): You can (and want to) kidnap as nice and wealthy unmarried (fe)male (virgin and gender which you like for sex is priority) as possible. If you succed the following will be truth: Kidnaped person is now part of your treasure and you got ANOTHER +1 to guard that person. If you will able to keep at least 1 such person (alive but no need in well condition) even after end of next session, take 1 experience. If you kidnap witch, choosen, firstborn or unicorn (see such Skins), you can select any other intelligent being to which you have contact and get +1 String on that contact – if you let know that contact that you have that unique person. That contact become in want to get hands on and even sexual organ to 😉 that unique person. If you have more unique persons, you can acquire more Strings.
  • Turn to any form: You can turn to any form between your weight and your true form weight (which is 4x, while giant is 3x) – both weight borders included. This magic last up to for 1 hour (you can end it sooner) and then it need at least 1 hour for recharging. If you are your darkest self, you can not turn to lower weight form nor you can turn to anything innocent. You can turn to living forms in appropriate world, no others. You can mimic even concrete being if you know that being. If you turn to at lest 3x weight you have +1 ongoing volatile and cold while -2 hot ongoing. In wyrm or small dragon form you have 2 armor of dragonish scales (but your clothes including any armor is in the Abyss) – valuable.
  • Ancient wisdom: You can use move „Gaze Into the Abyss“ without really doing it – so search your long lasting memory. You have +1 to the roll. You get (much) more concrete answer. This has no negative mechanical effect even if missed. This superskill needs at least 24 hours to recharge.

Sex move: When you have sex WITH CONSENT OF THE OTHER PERSON (including with kidnaped person), which you are able to do maximally once in 24 hours, then you can select one of your rechargable skills to recharge. Enjoy!

The Cuckoo

You are at least not normal in life-work meaning. Maybe you should be in psychiatric hospital for detox (see about adiction below). Even you consider yourself as not normal – but better (aren´t you arrogant?). And WHY? Because you (also) can take over (the home of a vulnerable person) in order to establish a base for illegal drug / ilegal sex workers / stolen stuff / forbiden magic stuff or (or AND) services dealing in the town. If your ilegal „business“ is in Lines (not allowed in your game) change it to another distributing needed criminal activity. At least the forbiden magic stuff / services should not be in Lines (but concrete nature of it can be in Veil).

Name – firstly your DEALER name (but you have to have normal one)…: Escobar, „El Doctor“, „El Patrón“, „Don Pablo“, Diego, Mad Max (haha), Snowman / – woman, Feaather(s), Feather(s)man / -woman, Crack(ed), Coke, Cokeman / – woman, Cola, Colaman / – woman, Coca-cola, Coca-colaman / -woman

Look: detached, sleepy, dirty / clothes dirty, hyperactive, clothes lacerated, bruised

Eyes: detached, sleepy, hyperactive, strange (you define but as adicted)

Origin: Gang or even full mafia family, (nearly) no family (half or full orphan). You are using someone´s not needed garden house, garage or (and) attic – select such person as GM allows and give 2 Strings to the person.

Hot (-1) Cold (0/1) Volatile (1 / 0) Dark (1 / 1)

Darkest self: You just have to gain control over a gang or group usable as gang (which you turn in gang ASAP). You also will be doing your best to spread your „business“. You can escape your darkest self if you will be imprisoned for longer then is the starting arresting maximum – 24 hours.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Cockoo move.
 Take another Cockoo move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Get in real criminal gang or mafia branch.

Backstory: You have problem – on one side you need hiding your „business“ before (magical) police and so on and on other side you very much like to spread your „business“. So, you can not take 1 String as asked in backstory time and you can have up to 3 Strings (1 per target and each target describe) of anyone – excluding person(s) who can deduct such String.

MOVES – you get Sweet stuff, and choose one more.

  • (SELECTED) Sweet stuff: You firmly believe, that you have better business than are the legal ones – and it is (shamefully) partially truth. You have income indeed from such source too, but you have to „working“ for it at least 4 hours each day (you can work in it for max 12 hours a day, meaning 2 days free from it). So you want to join and then lead usable gang. You can buy best clothes allowed by GM even before start of the game. Also ask Gm for some stuff including cool car. You are known as wealthy – with independency in a normal work (if you have not normal work too).
  • Addicted customers: Your customers just need your stuff. Your income goes up – deal with GM. But the customers started bothering you even out of your „business“ hours.
  • Escape from (magical) police or so: Your intuition / contact warned you before arest attempt. You get chance to flee – maybe even hide your „business“. Roll cold: 10+ = you flee and hide your „business“; 7+ = you flee but you were not able to hide your business or vice versa (but still some suspicious stuff is left); miss = you and your busines got caught. If you got arrested for 24 hours max or even in normal prison sentence, you have chance to flee once in week or in month if in hightened security prison. Roll cold: 10+ = you flee and was able to get 1 person and reasonable stuff (present in prison and carryable) with you; 7+ you flee but some complice(s) can not or even got caught (deal with GM); miss = you did not flee and you get month in hightened security or / and solitary room. That sucks!
  • Lie on mattresses: When even just feel endangered, you are already prepared with even real guns, ammo and makeshift explosives and traps in your base(ment) – or even anywhere as reasonable (deal with GM). You get +1 ongoing to all rolls (and do not forget higher harming thanks to weapons and traps) while you are in such situation. This bonus get also anyone who is really with you – meaning on your side. You can start this any time as reasonable (deal with GM) and keep it as long as you have supply or until they get you.
  • Better base(ment)…: You have better base(ment) – reinforced / magical shielded or even both )but then each defense is weaker). At least basic part of your „business“ is there and is normally operating there without normally nobody notice (somehow independent ofŕ by fake factory taking electricity and so on). Watch series „Breaking bad“ – in CZECH language it is „Perníkový táta“.

Sex move: When you have sex, you have to select secret of yourself and let the partner(s) know – priority is your „business“ secret. Give 1 String (to each sex partner). If you let someone know that you had sex (not needed to tell with who, but then another detail has to be told), you get +1 hot to next move of Turn someone on for this person. But your sex sucks because as adicted you are under average condition and at least somehow not normal – therefore you are the Cuckoo.

The Unicorn

Do you know the fairy tale „Last unicorn“? It is not truth yet, because you and maybe also at least one of your parents are unicorns. But you are really unique. You are here to clen, to heal and to put magic back in world. But are you really able to do all of that?

Name – firstly your TRUE name, but you have to have normal one: …(anything elvish – resp. unicorn-like)el(a) (especially for woman), …(anything elvish – resp. unicorn-like)or(a) (especially for woman), …(anything elvish – resp. unicorn-like)ad(a) (especially for woman), etc. Centaur(ess). Normal: Eva / Eve, Adam, Agatha, Christie, Chris, George, Chose, Jane, Ian(a) (for woman)

Look: beautifull – but somehow unique, sexy – somehow special, gorgeous – somehow unique, petite – somehow unique added to it

Eyes: as look AND (or) dreaming in wake looking, into far looking, elsewhere looking, through observer looking, into observer looking

Origin: Gang or even full mafia family, (nearly) no family (half or full orphan)

Hot (2) Cold (-1 / 0) Volatile (-1) Dark (1 / 0)

Darkest self: You need to clean the nearest mess immediatelly. And then you proceed with next nearest mess. Anything / anyone poisoned or ill is counted. You proceed until nearly faint, then get just some fast food and sleep for 8 hours and then continue cleaning (including going to next nearest mess). You can escape your darkest self if clean all mess in your town (you can try to acquire helpers).

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Unicorn move.
 Take another Unicorn move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 New unicorn – use this Skin but without any advancement – emerges from your body any time today and as ally with you.

Backstory: You are beautiful but even evil beings want you. You want to clean, depoison and heal – even evil ones. Your purpose of life at least sometimes get you in problems.

MOVES – you get the two selected moves.

  • (SELECTED) Clean, depoison or cure: For any of mentioned tasks you have +1 ongoing (excluding diagnosing so also move „Gaze Into the Abyss“) which you can exchange for +1 healed harm – but you need to care for target for reasonably long time and having reasonable stuff. You can use any reasonable move and stuff (which is recomended) with this, but if you can not find any (adult move of „Make Others Feel Beautiful“ is needed), then you are kind of screwed. Handwork, honey!
  • (SELECTED) Turn to unicorn with advantages: You turn to unicorn of size of horse out of average as are in your normal form. You get +1 ongoing to all moves. In this form, your whole body count as magical weapon and your horn also as blessed – it´s harm is 2 hand AP. You feel fierce enough to fight with even a dragon. You can use this move even if you are in state of your darkest self. This magic last up to for 1 hour (you can end it sooner) and then it need at least 8 hour for recharging.
  • Virgins attractioning: You atracting virgins of both sexes including asexual. Your „Turn someone up“ move can not be blocked with that asexual move. You have +1 to that move for any virgin – and you feel who is virgin from distance of seeing eyes without any gear. So if you seducing virgin without knowing about her / his virginity, This works even in unicorn form.
  • Rainbow bridge: You can call Rainbow bridge going as 1km long portal path to any world of which you have sufficient informations as character – deal with GM. You know at least 1 – you detail (you can even make NEW world by this!). This is as interdimensional portal for purpose of any move which operates with it.
  • Watcher, helper or familiar summon: You can summon any of the 3 kind of beings and it can be any reasonable concrete being – small one, up to size of 1m tall / 0,5 m thick. Put it together with GM. Examples: W = guardian angel´s angelic assistant(ess), H = gigling genie – small, slowly and just 1 wish worthy max. month of your income (you have to take some job for at least 1 month before such summon if you want it to count with higher income). F = fiend – friendly but betraying with attempts to get you in Hell (!). Such summoning needs 10 min and appropriate stuff which will be burnt – deal with GM.

Sex move: If you have sex with someone, than the partner(s) is (are) cleaned, depoisoned or cured (you select – but just 1 per partner), but at least 1 hour is spent for each begining two partners. If you are sexing for 8 hours, you faint in unconscious and then sleep soundly for 8 hours. You are feeling happy with it, even if the partner somehow abused you (for example if the Vampire fed on you while or just before / after sex).

The Firstborn

You are the firstborn known from fairy tales. You are honored for it at least in your family, so you were raised to be proud of it – maybe too much (see your backstory and your darkest self).

Name: …(any – Skandinavien)son /…daug(hter) /…dot(er), Adam, Eva, Eve, George, Gerda, John, Jane

Look: pretty, attractive, nice, strong, smart, sleak (stealthy)

Eyes: as look AND (or) ambitious, proud, arrogant, aggresive, sharp (like cuting not intelligent), wise (like informed not intelligent)

Origin: Poor family, (nearly) no family, noble or even royal (!) family but under cruel curse

Hot (2) Cold (0) Volatile (0 / -1) Dark (-1 / 0)

Darkest self: You get so arrogant about your firstborn rights that you want them today (until midnight) – including kiling parent(s). You are about to kill nearly anyone who will block your attempt to do so. You can escape your darkest self if someone to who you at least trust talk you out of it or if you get your chance to your heritage.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Firstborn move.
 Take another Firstborn move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 New brother / sister (gender as you like to have sex with) or your child (you select mother / father from anybody with who you had sex in your life and if you are virgin, then the kid emerges from your body today – until midnight – as you wish). Select Skin for the child as you wish as ally of you – but because just born, no Strings for or from anyone. Oh and at least sometimes you will be responsible for the child until the child will be adult. If you have baby as virgin, whole baby become blessed and magical at once – ongoing until the child´s death. Will the child become the new Messiah?! GM will be playing the child as NPC but less trashable…

Backstory: You are first borned and so far only child of your parents and you are proud of it – maybe too much. The 3 weird sisters (fate) told upon your cradle, then you will be 1) nice at least by body, 2) powerfull at least somehow – select some special starting stuff (deal with GM), 3) having big future, fierce even. You are about to enjoy all of it, especially the 3rd point. You get String on each from your living parents and you can describe them – and GM should allow anything which is at least nearly posible in your game world.

MOVES – you start with the two selected moves.

  • (SELECTED) Transformative training / experiencing: You somehow got transformative training in one from following fields (you detail – be bold and try to surprice GM who should allow as much as at least nearly possible in your game world)…:
    • Unarmed fighting: +1 to fighting unarmed including run away.
    • Basic non-shooting weapons fighting: +1 volatile, one defense used in fight as -1 to enemy roll if you were able to use your weapon that way (you have to reasonably describe).
    • Exotic (or even weird) one weapon mastery (including repairing at least)…: +2 volatile with that kind of weapon, one defense used in fight as -1 to enemy roll if you were able to use your weapon that way (you have to reasonably describe and it is valid just if GM agrees).
    • Basic shooting weapons: +1 to atack, +1 harm.
    • Magic / Abyss using: +1 to dealing with Magic or Abyss. Select one move as a spell which you can cast – then it needs at least 8 hours of sleeping soundly to recharge – which is aded as next recharge to any recharge time if the move itself has it. When want to use that magic move, descrie your casting (audio and video and gestures output needed), else you can not cast it. If that move deals with Magic or Abyss, then it got the +1 as above mentioned. You can take also THIS move as a spell, meaning together TWO plus, but you can not stack it anymore. In next session after select this move, if you describe how you study at least 1 hour a day for whole week, then you can change spell.
  • (SELECTED) Being hero but selfish: Anytime when you can do something heroic but just with obvious reward for you, you can more easy do it. You take +1 forward (not ongoing, so usable only once) to all moves while you are doing the heroic task. If you suceed you take 1 experience which is not counted as reward for purpose of this move.
  • Help damsel or gentleman in distress: If you see such situation, you kind of have to intervene even if it is lefe threating (!). You get +1 forward (once) to first move for dealing with such situation (which is not counted as reward). If you suceed, you get 1 experience which is not counted as reward. As you can see, the above mentioned move can be combined with this one.
  • Top transportation: You get the top transportation among all PCs (including Wyrm´s treasure is it belongs to the Wyrm) in the way as is your training. You describe – be bold and try to surprise GM, who should alow anything at least nearly possible in your game world. Also, you have device (look and function based on your training) for calling it from far – seeing distance.
  • Fierce fame: You are the top famous PC, even more that the Qeen, but you are not (yet) that much popular nor have clique. You hold 1 which you can spend anyhow in any cmmunication as you wish and able to describe reasonably. This move needs at least 8 hours of sound sleep to recharge.

Sex move: Such surprise!: Even if someone see just your naked body (whole naked), it counts for the seeing person as sex with you and as much in your favor as possible (even the Vampire can not abuse such situation to feed from you). Oh and you like surprising people in this way and also having sex – why not if you are already naked and observed?!

The Neighbour

You seem mundane and even inocent, but – and wait for it – you are (maybe resting but not put it off) an assasin – and you are happy with it. Nobody should mess with you, your close person or your property! But from your own experiences, you know that at least the fisrt Murphy´s law is true for you: „If something can go wrong, it will.“

Name: Jimmy Tudesky (see movie „The Whole Nine Yards“ – in Czech „Můj soused zabiják“), Harold Shipman, Luis Garavito, Vera Renczi, Beatrix Kiddo (see movies „Kil Bill“ 1 and 2) or select your favorite killer´s name (Dexter from same named series, Ted Bundy, etc.)

Look: mundane, ordinary, inocent, friendly, busy (always – but including home maintaining, gardening or hobby doing)

Eyes: as look AND (or) shallow, unfocused, relaxed, small, young

Origin: Absolutely average, poor but big family – employees, kind of rich but small (but whole) family – legal business doing or higher employees

Hot (0 / -1) Cold (1) Volatile (1 / 2) Dark (-1) + you can take dark -2 and add +1 to any other stat excluding volatile if you already have violatile 2

Darkest self: You get to kill your nearest or better known neighbour ASAP – maximally until end of this week, else you 1) got no special income this month, 2) got on blacklist of mafia, 3) got -1 ongoing to any dealing with that neighbour. If you kill that neighbour and get out with it for at least whole month (30 days excluding the day of the kill), then you get 1 experience. You can escape your darkest self if someone to who you at least trust talk you out of it (but all 3 effect mentioned above are active untill really reparied by your role playing) or when you done that. Next darkest self then means next neigbour and so on.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Neighbour move.
 Take another Neighbour move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You get an asistant killer under your command, but still played by GM (if possible by mange – use MangaZone app – „Kanako´s Life as an Assassin“, which i am recomending also because at least first two moves are based on such story)

Backstory: You are so mundane and normal, that is even boring. But – as you already know – you are assassin! And you are happy with it – at least so far. You have cover work of office kind in cleaning company or as laborant / engeneer working with chemicals usable for cleaning and / or body dispersing. You have meaningful monthly income from it – above average but not suspicious (yet), like middle manager or so. But if you not get killing contract in a week, you are obliged to clean after kill or help to escape someone even already arested in this or in following week (you can make deal with your boss – you have right to free weekends, which you can offer in exchange for later work).

MOVES – you start with the two selected moves.

  • (SELECTED) Erase own presence: You are able to erase your presence even if someone is looking at you – but you need good distraction for it (deal with the GM) and a camera can see you (and anybody through it now or later – thanks to playback). After this move is activated you can consider yourself irevocable as invisible but not truly invisible – beware of cameras or any evidence left. Also something went wrong – select 1 from following: You lost part of your self-presenting ability – take -1 forward for next roll with Hot, you lost part of your believe in your own rights -1 forward to next roll with Volatile, you drain your magic – take -1 forward to next move with Dark. This special skill last for up to one hour and then you need at least one hour of resting to recharge it.
  • (SELECTED) Surpricely kill: If have to describe reasonably (if you have proper gear and GM will agree), you can atempt to kill anyone. Roll move „Lash Out Physically“ with +1 to roll and on 10+ you killed the target, while on 7 – 9 you done +1 harm to the target and on miss it is as miss of the LOP move. Also something went wrong – on 10+ select 1, on 7 – 9 select 1 and on miss select 3 from following: A witness saw your the whole killling action, you left evidence leading to you where you done this move, used weapon or your body condition is „unusable“ until repair / full food portion + 8 hours of sleeping. You can use this move just once in 24 hours.
  • Senior stalker: You are GOoD in stalking. Take +1 ongoing for any move directly conected with stalking someone (seducing guards of the target´s place is with bonus just if the target is there – and if you do not know, than it is without bonus, but looking for the target is with the bonus). You get tired after 12 hours together and then need at least 8 hours of sleeping. Also something went wrong with each move connected with stalking – on 10+ select 0, on 7 – 9 select 1 and on miss select 2 from following: You get in dangerous area, you lost your bought item (starting imem including), a camera saw you apparently stalking.
  • Cleaning lady / gentleman: You could change work with any cleaning person. You get +1 ongoing to any moves directly conected with cleaning including any evidence. You get tired after 12 hours together and then you need full food portion and at least 8 hours of sleeping.
  • Paradoxical and often toxical relationship: Name any person directly in oposition to your true „job“ as at least having high crush on you. Take 1 String on that person. GM is allowed to put at least some toxicity (excluding Lines) in it.
  • Serial killer: Go on killing spree! Your income, but also „work“ doubled from now on without any end in seeable future. If you are in your Darkest self, it is doubled too (so it means two nearest or best known neighbours). You get +1 ongoing to any move reasonably conected with attempts of killing. You get 1 experience for each killed person. Also something went wrong with each killing attempt – on 10+ select 1, on 7 – 9 select 2 and on miss select 3 from following: You subconscinously following a pattern (you are predictable and easier to get caught), you upset a powerful person, you got in conflict (not yet fight) with a gang. The above mentioned bonus but also what went wrong is cumulative (especially with your move „Supricely kill“).

Sex move: If you have sex with someone(s), then you can use any of Neighbours moves on your partner(s) even if you do not have that move or appropriate gear. Are you Black Widow? But before doing so, your partner(s) get all sex moves bonus(es). If a partner has a String on you (from any time), than she / he can tempt you to not kill her / him or another target.

SPECIAL: If you have condition which can anyhow interfere with attempt to kill the target, then you can not kill the target for rest of this week or session – which will be longer, including risking losing income. You are motivated to not keep such condition(s)…

The Selkie – The Sirene / The Fen-fire

You are (select from following)…: Selkie as from GB myths, Mermaid as from fairy tale (also movie) „Little mermaid“ or as Googled https://www.google.com/search?q=series+mermaid, Sirene as from Odyseus legend.

Mermaid and her skills.

Name: …anything resembling wet, water (including Deep from series „The Boys“), steam and OR surnames as are Water, Waters, Wet, Weted, Steam, Steamer, Steamers, Steamed

Look: wet, oiled, sleak(y), slipery, smooth, skiny, , in pain looking

Eyes: as look AND (or) deep, water blue (light), wet, tearing – at least often (!)

Origin: Average and above average (meaning in world, while in USA just slightly above average), no family on ground (then secret big or noble family in water large enough), adoptive family (and secret average (USA) family in water large enough)

Hot (1) Cold (0) Volatile (0 / -1) Dark (0 / 1) + you can take cold -1 and add +1 to any other stat

Darkest self: You have to marry with your most beloved one (as selected from start – see Backstory) in week (7 days from now and today is counted) or kill your most beloved one. While in this CURSE, you feel pain while using legs, which giving you -1 ongoing to volatile and cold. If your most belowed can not be married to you by the country’s law, then you have select another known person as the most belowed immediatelly. You can escape your darkest self if you get married or done the kill as above mentioned – obiously -, or if somebone at least trusted by you talked you out of it.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Selkie move.
 Take another Selkie move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of water beings group, leading all below your social status (you can select ground or water status as you like but you can not count both together) including in human forms.

Backstory: You are water being in your true form which you like very much. If you do not get in the form and in water (water tube is enough but shower or rain not) in time of lunar month (28 days), then you get pain while using legs – meaning -1 ongoing to volatile and cold. You have no problem eating water beings EXCLUDING any considered intelligent: octopus, dolphin. If you had eaten such, you got -1 forward (once) to next move. You are also against eating water birds meat and eggs and shark meat.

MOVES – you get SELECTED move, and choose another one. Firstly is below version of moves usable also for the Sirene or for the Fen-fire:

  • (SELECTED) Such Singing!: Ranges: Intimate to and for WHISPER singing, up to close (CLOSE enough) for normal s. and up to NEAR far for SHOUT s. Roll hot+2d6: 10+ = any being able to listen is attracted powerfully to you and unable to act (just listening to your singing) – to the exact place where are you when singing (if moving, than the lace moving with you) by the most direct approach even in deadly danger including fighting with any blocking thing / being; 7+ = attracted to you and going to you, but free to act; miss = not attracted, free to act and understand that you are the top danger. This move can be used for attracting animals for food as free form 2 barter / session gig if in sweat space (!) – free form means that this gig can be outgoing together with anyting including another gig OR adventuring. Can´t sing if tired – put it together with the MC.
  • Do draining touch: If you wish and can touch somebody skin to skin, than you can do -1 for victim´s cold. This is cumulative (!), but for any unwanted „touch“ you will firstly need at least to do 1 harm with maximally hand weapon. You can do it to any inteligent PERSON – not to an animal or no soul… (Lizard NO, dragon YES, ghost YES, zombie, skeleton, ghoul NO, vampire YES).
  • Ask as Sfinga: Roll cold+2d6: 10+ = hold 3; 7-9 = hold 1; miss = prepare for the worst. For each hold ask a riddle known from fairy-tales, not REAL riddle nor language playing nor Sudoku. You have to use all holds from one roll for one person. If asked person answered any riddle at least like correctly, than ask that person for a wish worthy 1d6 barter (person roll) and make it true (by your „found“ it or so) in 7-1d6 days (you roll). If the target will not answer right, you have to kill that target person in 1d6 days (you roll) else you will die in that time! One person can be targeted by this move just once in life and no self targeting.
  • Upgrade stuff, but EXCLUDING pure plus 1 to armor (for that look at appropriate move of The Juggernaut https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1jk2CQW22IYNTdjNzU1NmUtMDEwOC00NmMwLWE1OWYtMTExOGNhNjhmMTFi)…You can easyly upgrade nearly anything for +valuable (AND +vintage) OR +high-tech (AND +WILD / +WEIRD) OR both. By such „modifier“ you could (condition see below) add also some strenght and anyway for each one make the thing cost plus the lowest worker monthly income. For example: Adding laser beam (laser sight) to a gun for pretty precision (= +hi-tech at least). For adding some strenght you will have to obtain that strenght (laser beamer for above example) for 1 barter to spend (So go to market!). You can make MAGICal sword = ABYSSized!
  • Read, write, making math (even higher) in even more languages: At the begining of each MONTH (aka 4 sessions) roll cold+2d6: 10+ = you got all which this move has in it´s name in another language if you have at least 1 barter book(s) in that language; 7-9 = Select just up to two from this moves name and then as 10+; miss = no gain, no pain (hehe).
  • From explaining, through map making to TEACHING: You can begin anything which is in the move´s name, if not proceed previous attempt per maximally middle gang of persons. Roll hot+2d6: 10+ you can do maybe even all 3 things from the move´s name to the target (size see above); 7-9 = You can do just 1 from this move´s name to the target (size see above); miss = no gain, no pain (hehe), BUT 1d6 days spent at attempt. SUCCESS take time of 2d6 days to be done. That days can be separated / divided (so day now and for example next weeek take another day and go on).
  • Interrogationup to torturing: At anytime you can begin anything which is in the move´s name to target up to small gang at once in your mercy, if not proceed previous attempt per person (just 1 / attempt). Roll volatile+2d6: 10+ you can do maybe even both things from the move´s name to the target (size see above) and you got good info. as asked 1d6 questions (you roll), time taken 2d6 days.; 7-9 = You can do just 1 from this move´s name to the target (size see above) and get info as above nly not sure if it is true; miss = no gain, no pain (hehe), BUT TIME as above move. Be prepared to revenge if your victim(s) escape or if their backup will find you!

OR less tricky – lighter – moves (especially for Merfolk):

  • (SELECTED) Water changes me: Anytime when any water touch your skin and is not in 3 seconds dryed / remowed (just being wet is OK), then you changes in your true form. All your stats stay and you can not feel pain from using legs – because you have now no legs. You will stay in this form as long as any water will be on your skin. You can use basic version of move „Water comunication“ – see below (deal with GM). You get +2 for any moving (not MOVES, but yes for move „Run Away“ if still in water) in water. Even olympionic swimer can not catch you (if you do not allow it) by bare swimming.
  • Desire and even have sex as animal: You have animal energy and desire including sexual. You get +1 to move „Turn Someone On“ and you have 1 hold for your sex move which you can use for any effect possible in your game world in appropriate strenght – including mechanical (for example +1 healed harm). This move can be used only up to 12 hours together and then you need at least 8 hours sleaping to recharge it, which is automatical – meaning that this move is autoactivating itself after each at least 8 hours of sleaping.
  • Water communication: You can comunicate with any water being in that being´s intelligence level if you are in (water) hearing distance. You can communicate even if you are not in any water, but still you have to be in hearing distance. You have +1 forward (once) to the first communication. This move can be used only up to 12 hours together and then you need at least 8 hours sleaping to recharge it (which is automatical – meaning that this move is autoactivating itself after each at least 8 hours of sleaping).
  • Fishy fresh: After at least 8 hours of sleeping, you get up especially refreshed – take one move with even longer time needed to recharge as already recharged and take +1 forwad (once) the first move until next sleeping (so it is not cumulative).
  • Water for fight, water for heal: Anytime when you activate this move, you can select fighting or healing usage, which will last until next activation of this move. Fighting means +1 to any fighting move including move „Run Away“ and healing means +1 harm healed even without any stuff, but water of 2l at least is needed anyway. After first fight or heal with this move, you need at least 8 hours of sleeping to recharge.

Sex move: If you have sex with someone(s), then the partner(s) magicaly learned super swimming and diving – if partner(s) is (are) already swimmer / diver or both, than the partner(s) get olympionic level of swimming / diving or both. But then the partner(s) start longing for at least swimming that much, that the partner(s) get -1 hot ongoing (because bad mood) if can not swim in time of lunar month (28 days) excluding the day in which was sex with you.

The Berserk

You are (select from following)…: Berserk from Scandinavian legends and myths, Celtic berserk warrior, Greek / Roman berserk soldier / gladiator, modern berserk wrestler (or else martial artist if GM agrees).

Name: Siegfried, Spartacus, Hulk (or else) Hogan, James Hellwig (https://www.google.com/search?q=wrestler+ultimate+warrior+name&oq=wrestler+ultimate+warrior+name), Electra, Violet(t)(a)

Look: wild, aggresive, maniacal, fierce, focused

Eyes: as look AND (or) sharp, fixed on you (as that strange pictures whose eyes are like following you…)

Origin: Poor or not whole family, victimized family, gangsters family or even mafia family

Hot (0) Cold (0) Volatile (2) Dark (-1) + you can take dark -2 and add +1 to any other stat excluding volatile

Darkest self: You just need to win a match in ring / cage or even elsewhere. You will even (try to) harm – but no even „healable kill“ by rules anyone who will try to stop you from that. For any lost fight, you need two wins. You can escape your darkest self if you get enough wins – obviously or if someone to who you at least trust talk you out of it.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Berserk move.
 Take another Berserk move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of warriors or martial artists (as you are) group. This group doing +2 to any the move „Lash out Physicaly“ if the group is whole – even without you and without the curent leader. For any missing normal member, the current leader or you (if you are not current leader) have to be present, else the bonus is just +1 and if thre is just you and leader or one or two nonleaders, then the bonus is 0.

Backstory: You are berserk with all what it means. Are you ready to study such subject?

MOVES – you get Being berserk, and choose one more.

  • (SELECTED) Being berserk: You turn to berserk which means following: 1) +1 to move „Lash Out Physicaly“, 2) +1 harm, 3) ignore 1 harm done to you – but if you get all 4 harms anyway, you are „healable killed“ by rules. After usage thos move in fight, you need at least 1 hour of real rest or 8 hours of doing anything except very fatiguing tasks (deal with GM) to recharge.
  • Make(shift) weapon(s)…: You can use anything reasonable as weapon. Deal with GM for harm from it. You are also able to put poison on blade, arrow or even bullet for +1 harm immediately or +1 and then another +1 harm laer (deal with GM) of ros stun effect after 3 sec. – one move of the target.
  • Throw target: You know how and are able to throw target with weight up to appropriate to your volatile. The throwing distance depends on the target´s weight and aerodynamicity and your volatile (deal with GM). Thown target gets at least 1 harm AP if will fall hard.
  • Mean mask: You are able to make or easy buy mean (maniacal) mask, making anyone who is about to figt you fea you – which means -1 to any fighting move including move „Run Away“. You have to inform PC who is about to fight you of this move, but do it indirectly as „As you see, I am wearing mean (maniacal) mask and you feel fear because of it. *You will be having -1…*.“.
  • Jump or fall on target: You know how and acording your volatile ae able to jum or fall on target, dealing at least +1 harm AP, which is cumulative with any (but just one) atack move and it is naturally cumulative with any weapon in active use in time of this move and the next atack move. If you put non-atack move after this, then any following atack move is not counted as next or purpose of this move.

Sex move: If you have sex with someone, you get +1 forward (once) to your volatile or cold as you wish. You like sex very much!

The Wizard

You are (select from following)…: Wizard / Mage / Spellcaster or else full magic character from any famous RPG (tabletop or computer), Wizard with just beginners spell (one) and three true names (yours, anyone and any verb as order… – as in book „Wizard from Earthsea“ by Ursula Le Guin, Wizard with just beginners spells (as in movie „Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone“ which was the 1st). Else you can deal with GM, but the Witcher is another Skin (yes, I – Ormrin#5257 made it). Select your scholl´s House (see below in Moves section).

Name: Ged, Merlin, Crowley, Circe (she – from legend about Odysseus, but it looks like she was more near to the Witch), Anastasia

Look: magical, occult, weird, wearing magial looking robe (stars / moon/ sun or any combinaton of it in any basic color, while stars and moon are silver / white and sun is gold(en) / yellow) often out of places where it could be unappropriate, wearing magical symbol if not even also tool (see robe symbols) – wand, broom, staff, magicaly looking book, scroll(s), pendant(s), crystal ball(s)

Eyes: wise, wide open, far seeing, sharp, intelligent

Origin: Poor or not whole family, victimized family, family far away

Hot (0) Cold (0) Volatile (-1) Dark (2) + you can take hot or cold -1 and add +1 to any other stat excluding dark

Darkest self: You feel fierce and as wise wizard. You just need to (especially if provoked or get into such bet) show your strongest spell. If you are not sure or if not get full success, then you proceed with next strongest spell / repeat not full success spell. You can get out of your darkest self if you get miss and consequences somehow stop you or if someone to who you at least trust talk you out of it.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Wizard move.
 Take another Wizard move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of fellowship of wizards.

Backstory: You are wizard or mage or else full magic user – as you were born (see above). Are you wise enough? Select your scholl´s House (see below in Moves section) and you can put any PC with more than 0 dark in any House – while any PC can negotiate with you including pay price to you for your agreement with choce of that PC. After all is set, if anyone agrees from start, you can take 1 String on such PC – select just one of agreeing if more agrees from start.

MOVES – you get Basic magic using, and choose one more.

  • (SELECTED) Basic magic using: Select one from casting or summoning (including conjuring non-living objects) or enchanting or divining or necromancy. You have 2 spells somehow flexible or 3 true names including yours and verb as order. Maximum harm is 1, maximum distance is far up to seeing without any gear and maximum self-sustaining is up to next sunrise and if want to sustain it by focusing, you can keep just 1 sustaining stuff that way and you have -1 to dark and if you use magic (the Abyss is not counted), then the sustaining stuff is lost. Maximum area is as follows: A) Cone 90 angle with any axis as you turn your head but then you can not turn your head. Lenght is up to 5m of each side (area 12,5m2). B) Ball of inner circle of up to 1.95m radius (which is inner circle up to 11,95m2 and together it is sphere of size 31,06m3). You can have just two maximums in one stuff and if you have more than one maximum, then at least another one is halved rounded up to second digit in meters. Put that together with GM. Any usage of this move needs at least 8 hours of sound sleeping for recharge.
  • Instant recharge: You can once before nearest Sunday sunrise do instant recharge – which will recharge all moves rechargeable. If you are man, you can also have another sex in the day (24 hours) including another orgasm for you after first thanks to this move.
  • Gear away!: You can cast spell to magically throw away any one gear which is the target holding. If the target holding more items in targeted hand, they are thrown all and if target hold another item(s) in not targeted hand, that item(s) is (aree) holded still. This move needs 1 minute to recharge.
  • Mindsbattle: You can make basic mind attack to anyone with deep higher than 0 but you can just read memory excluding today´s memory (from midnight to midnight). Also you can more than basic defend yourself against any magical or Abyss attempt directed at you – and you immediatelly got information if such situation occurs. You can make target lost 1 even after target´s roll or you can put one answer for target as you wish (anyhow false). Defending do not need recharging but attacking needs a least 1 hour of not mind-hard tasks doing to recharge.
  • Flight with magic gear: If you are at least by one hand touching appropriate magic gear, you can use it for flight even if the gear itself do not have that ability. You can fly for up to 12 hours together and then you need at least 8 hours of sound sleep to recharge it.
  • Feather fall: Even without anything – if conscinous – you can make your fall as feather without it being considered as magic usage – although it is magic usage (but still skill, not spell). This move needs you to at least 8 hours of sound sleep for recharge.
  • Was selected: You was selected to a House your school as you wanted when created your character – see your introduction paragraph from the top of this Skin and also see your Backstory. If you now dislike your old selection, it is too late. You get one of following bonuses, based on the school´s House:

Quote from TTRPG Monsterhearts:

Intervene in an Act of Violence
When you intervene in an act of violence against
someone else, roll with Volatile. On a 10 up, you
get in the way and they need to deal with you first.
Whoever you’re protecting gets to react, and takes
1 Forward to whatever they decide to do. • On a 7-9,
you’re in the middle of it, and the assailant chooses
from below.
 I back off,
 I take whatever harm you want to give me as I
push past, or
 I redirect the violence to you.
This move allows you to defend others. When someone
is lunging forward to attack, you can intervene and
get in the way. Doing so can help you to protect the
vulnerable and potentially even save a life. This is the
only move in the game that supersedes someone else’s
already-declared action. On a 10 up, you effectively
block an act of violence from happening, and hand the
initiative to the person you’re protecting. On a 7-9, you
force the attacker to make a decision. This move can
break the pattern of violence and fear

  • Next Houses (this is not a move):
    • Hufflepuff[3] – cold +1, but bonus is allowed just if you are using appropriate move as loyal or hard working person (you can be loyal to evil, but it has to be personal conection – at least somehow included).
    • Ravenclaw[3] – dark +1, bonus is not available for move of „Mindsbatlle“ (see above) or any Abyssal move without really using move „Gaze Into the Abyss“.
    • Slytherin[3] – „Lash Physicaly Out“ and „Run Away“ got +1 each.

Sex move: When you have sex, you are so happy, that you just have to use magic for the partner(s) ASAP (even if partner(s) do not want to – you just have to brag about it).

The Witcher

You are (select from following)…: Magicbreaker as Kedrigern (books by John Morressy), Witcher as Geralt (books by Andrzej Sapkowski and also the famous computer games Witcher 1 to 3), another witcher-kind character including TECHNOwitcher (I am already playing – PBP in rolegate.com – such PC in after apocalypse settings: Age of Futility, https://www.rolegate.com/age-of-futility).

Name: Kern, Kedrigern, Geralt, Gerard, George, Anastasia

Look: with scar, bruised, dirty, weird, magical, occult

Eyes: wide open, far seeing, into you seeing, sharp, intelligent

Origin: Poor or not whole family, victimized family, family far away

Hot (-1) Cold (0) Volatile (1) Dark (1) + you can take hot or cold -1 and add +1 to any other stat

Darkest self: You need to kill nearest witch (including the Witch as PC, so sorry) or monster (including any PC, so sorry) ASAP. You can escape your darkest self just if you done the above mentioned obviously or if someone to who you at least trust talked you out of it.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Witcher move.
 Take another Witcher move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of Magicbreakers and Witchers guild.

Backstory: You are … (as selected from the introduction paragraph of this Skin above). You are feared and hatred by all peole who do not using magic and even not good magical users do not fear you bud do hate you.

MOVES – you get both selected moves.

  • (SELECTED) Acustomed to potions and medicines and drugs : Any potion or medicine or drug has nearly no negative effect for you and positive effects are stronger. Poisons do just half harm rounded up. Each level of advancement of which you have this move enables you to prepare potion from herbs – if you have the tools (witcher / alchemy / shaman toolkit or infirmary). Examples (per advancements)..: Belladona drops (1 dose do 1 hour of low-light vision AND cold for searching, scounting or watching over +1), then at least 8 hours before next usage, else -1 to sharp; ordinary people need 16 hours and wash eyes after effect droped which is after 30 min and no + bonus.). Adrenaline syringe (+2 to volatile for five minutes, then need rest at least one hour resting before next usage (which is NO RECHARGING, if you take this or similar stuff sooner, you get -1 volatile after second, -2 after third and so on and also you get -1 cold; ordinary people get just 1 minute and need 2 hours of rest). Flaming gel (can be put on blade or so, making +1 harm bu not AP, burn for 1 minute). Etc. Put this together with MC. Metadone (pervitine) drug (+1 volatile and +1 dark for two hours, then need at least 4 hours rest, get adicted after usages two times more than hard in a time of lunar month (28 days); ordinary people effect halved and rest doubled and are adicted after that much usages as is their hard (if below zero, count it as zero) in a longest month (31 days).
  • Aard gesture: Gesto Aard. It will blow the target away from you 5-0 meters (depending on target´ s weight) doing 1 harm and mostly the target falls on ground. Any lock mechanism got 2 harm. This gesure make virtual 1 harm, which will „heal“ like normal harm with no move help (you roll and nothing needed to spend). This means, that if you harmed really, then you have lower number of uses of this. If you got to full harm (4) with this, you are not harmed really, but you will faint and lost conscinousness until „healed“ (at lest 8 hours of such „sleeping“) which IS RECHARGING
  • Taming gesture: If you put first three fingers at sane monster´s forehead (see it in movie „Crocodile Dundee“), which is yet no aggresive or is kept in place, then you can roll dark. 10+ = target tamed and belongs to you like pet; 7+ = target tamed but not as your pet (but nonaggesive to you if you bahave…); miss = target aggresivelly attacks you. Time needed is 1 min.
  • Two hand fighting: You can using at once two weapons of the same type which you select when taking this move. After next advancement you can add next type of weapon and also you can have other weapon type in each hand. After another next advancement you can add any type of item (walkie-talkie, scanner, motorcycle handle, car driving wheel…). This means, that you can make move with each hand and i tis counted as at once.
  • Transport call: You have rented transport which monthly cost as new divided sweet seventeen (rouned up to one digit) – see following. Fuel is up to you, but servicing and insurance is in the rental price. For any transport which could drive itself (horse, motorbike with sidecar, car…) you have device to call it from far (seeing distance). It will go to you in average speed and firsty tried to go around an obstacle, but then to attack it if it has how. If the device is lost ord amaged, you can easy obtain new – search meaningful market or ask any mechanic. Cost of it is as average high school student´s stuff, battery is not needed (solar power and mechanical mostly – wheestle or so). If the transport is destoyed, the new one will be expensive (3 – 5 b.) and hard to obtain.
  • Herbal healing: If you have reasonable herbs (or just medkit – which is counted as 1 kind of 1 level herbs) you can with witcher gestures heal 1 harm in hour of person in a day (24 hours) – roll as Angel and do not forget to spent at least 1 bunch of herbs (or 1from medkit) – unsucessfull attempt counts. This means that you can try to heal or crack curse for just one person in 24 hours and you can not head illness or side effect of poison or drug (you are not medic). You are also able to prepare garlic potion / gel against vampires (put it on sword or so) and potion / gel with the special herb against werewolfs (what i tis in English?). With special herb (as appropriate to curse type), you can try to crack curse – roll weird: 10+ = curse cracked and at least some part o fit is mirrored to the caster if alive, else it conjured 1 random 1 level potion. Time from one minute to five minutes (depending of curse level) which is NOT RECHARGING; 7+ curse cracked but it takes from ten minutes to one hour (depending on curse level); miss = curse not cracked and got immunity to that herb. Muting curse (level 1) – mint (level 1). Illness curse (level 1 – 4 which is max) – norma lor mountain mint (level 1 / 3) + as appropriate to the illness (ask MC). Blinding curse (level 3) – beladona + mountain mint (level 1 and level 3). Herbs together has to be at least the same level and you need bunch of them worth 1barter of each part of de-cursing. You can use a gem(s) in place of herbs – put it together with MC.

Sex move: After sex, you are obliged to keep good relationship. Even to NPC give 1 String and with PC you will have -1 to any hot roll if such String will be spend abusively against you (GM judge that). But you are good in sex as witcher (body control) and it is common knowledge, so there is quite demand to have sex with you. Enjoy!

The Brainworm

You are brain invasive parasite (worm, bug, fly, or anything which can fit in human´s brain without taking more than half of it).

Name: You have name in your native (unhuman) language with a meaning (!), but you are using your human name normally. Are you John / Jane Do(w/s – or both)e?

Look: with scar on top of head – which can be hidden by hairs, disoriented, amnesialy, unfocused, weaken

Eyes: as appropriate to look (see above), lost (not literaly), shallow, bloody

Origin: ANY family in starting town area as you choose before start playing. And you can play adult from start, but as newbie, you will do not have adult moves until unlocked and advancemently acquired. Ask about families from GM.

Hot (0) Cold (-1) Volatile (-1) Dark (2) + take +1 to any stat excluding dark.

Darkest self: You need to take new host in up to 24 hours from now, meaning killing the current immediatelly after left and you lost all not just brain based advancements – if you have any adult move, you can keep it. You can escape from your darkest self if you have done the transfer obviously or if someone to who you at least trust talk you out of it. You can inform that one person of this situation including indirect call for help. If you can not do the transfer but you are not talked out of it, you have -1 to all moves ongoing until you are out of yxour darkest self.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Brainworm move.
 Take another Brainworm move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of brain parasites telepathical workgroup in your town. There are as much brain parasites (including you) as is your current number of advancements.

Backstory: You are … (as selected from the introduction paragraph of this Skin above). Normally noone know about your true form and you wish very much that to stay such. You were learning being human from one PC (you choose), so give to that PC one String to you. Get any String given to you, but if the same person in String exchanging start part of game want to have more than one String to you, then the PC do get -1 from all such String – only if you allow it for full number.

MOVES – you get both selected moves.

  • (SELECTED) Top telepathy: You are the top telepath in playable area. But using this move counts as move „Mindsbattle“ from Skin of the Wizard (see above) – needs a least 1 hour of not mind-hard tasks doing to recharge. You are not able to attack, but if allowed, you can read memories from any past and even ongoing thinking or sub/super conscinousnes. You are able to defend but basicaly: Also you can more than basic defend yourself against any magical or Abyss attempt directed at you – and you immediatelly got information if such situation occurs. You can make target get -1 to target´s roll against you (just before target´s roll) or you can put one answer for target as you wish (anyhow false) if the targets attempts to read you. You have no power over the Abyss.
  • (SELECTED) Parasitical transfer: At any time, you can transfer from original body (killing it immediately after left it). This takes minimum ten minutes and then you need at least 1 hour of resting without brain-hard tasks, which IS RECHARGING. You have -1 forward to first usage of each stat (!) in the new body until rested.
  • Divide to two: In at least 10 minutes, you can divide yourself to two child form, both in age pf maximum of half of original rounded up to whole years. Choose two stats and deduct 1 from each of them. The same do with the second of you. You have 1 mind for the two bodies. Are you planing invasion?!
  • Alien invasion: Your true origin is alien – you can be from Earth but from some other level of living (behind the Veil – see Skin of the Fae or netherworld or so). You can call invasion of your true form kin to the Earth, beginning in the playable area, centered on your position in time of start this move. A wave of such aliens arrive in time form 10 minutes up to 2 hours from start of this move. Then at least 8 hours of sound sleeping you need to recharge. The wave do not belongs to you nor do you belong to the wave. But any such wave wants your true kin to conquer Earth, starting with playable area, centered on your position in time of start this move.
  • Higher being´s knowledge: If you have question which can be considered as higher being´s knoiwledge, you can have answer – roll dark: 10+ = you get answer as from wellmade wikipedia but you can not use any link from it – just with new question; 7+ = you get ansver as from barely enough encyclopedy and you can not use index nor notes below line or aside; miss = you do not know the answer nor any answer directly related (GM judge that). This move needs you to soundly sleep at least for 8 hours to recharge.

Sex move: After sex, your partner(s) become part of your telepathical workgroup but without ability to start telepathy if the partner(s) do not has at least similar move (GM judge). Also the partner is not able to attack nor defend before „Mindsbattle“ as is explained in Skin of the Wizard (see above) if the partner(s) has not appropriate move.

The Genie

You are genie (male or female) in human form (male or female – and it has not to be the same gender as is your true form). You are growing stronger by fullfilling wishes of others. But what about your wishes? You have old (oil) lamp or bottle you choose and describe. That is your original home, you know…

Name: You have name in your native (spirit) language with a meaning (!), but you are using your human name normally. Are you John / Jane Do(w/s – or both)e?

Look: lightweight, thin, petite, detached, helpful, happy

Eyes: as appropriate to look (see above)

Origin: Poor, incomplete or even no family in starting town as you choose before start playing. Ask about families from GM.

Hot (0) Cold (-1) Volatile (-1) Dark (2) + take +1 to any stat INCLUDING dark.

Darkest self: You get under locked-in curse, which means, that from now on, you will have to roll for even easy stuff (excluding boringly easy) and as soon as you miss, you will be immediately transported into your lamp / bottle and then you will be locked in until someone started cleaning it. You can borrow (or even give) your lamp / bottle to anyone and hoping for being saved from locked-in status. If you were locked-in with your smartphone, you can call and SMS and MMS or even using data (depending on your tarif) but battery can not be recharged inside… If the lamp / bottle will be broken with you inside, you will be full killed that way. This is the price for being the Genie (and possibility of dark 3 from start of the game).

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Genie move.
 Take another Genie move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of spitits society (ask also all eefrits, ghosts etc. to join!:)) in your town

Backstory: You are … (as selected from the introduction paragraph of this Skin above). You were learning being human from one PC (you choose), so give to that PC one String to you.

MOVES – you get both selected moves.

  • (SELECTED) One little wish granted: If someone start to cleaning your lamp / bottle, you will immediately emerge from it and have to (and be able to) grant one little wish – in price of up to your month income. You can describe how GENIeALY the wish will be turn to truth – deal with GM. Roll dark: 10+ = fully fullfilled with no negative side effect; 7+ = fullfiled but GM set at least 1 soul endangering side effect (step on the path to the Hell!); miss = fulfilled WIDE WRONGly and GM set at least 3 soul endangering side effects (steps on path to the Hell!). If you do not get reward, you take 1 String on the wishing person. If you will even later – up to lunar month of time (28 days) – suceed in geting something positive for you from the wish or the wishing person for you in value of at least half of your month income rounded up, you mark 1 experience. You are able to grant just 1 little wish per person in the person´s life – excluding yourself.
  • (SELECTED) New lamp or bottle: You can set another lamp or bottle as second home. Both are in use. If one is destroyed, you can set replacement. You can have maximum 9 lamps / bottles in your life (by time) and just 2 together in the same time. If both are destroyed and you are in one of them, you are full killed.
  • My relative is eefrit: Select anyone who you even now define as your relative (you need agreement from PC and reasonable explanation if it was not from start) and then the person is eefrit – excluding any genie. Deal with GM what all it means, but basically it is like you (Genie Skin) without the first move and allowed to choose 1 another move from this Skin. The person will still have all original moves. The person is also considered a spirit (eefrit concretely) in human form.
  • Make MLM: If the wishing person will make you advertisement or recommendatiion or even drectly fetch new wishing person, it is not considered as reward (whis IS before taking this move). If you get new wishing person and get reward from such source, then the contractor get experience – which you can (and shall) say to the contractor.
  • Am I immortal?: You can not get ill )excluding being cursed to look that way), nor die from aging, nor get poisoned excluding agical poisons. You can redefine your current age as you wish and then it is set… What about your ID later?
  • Genial genie: You get +1 cold and hot (!) for seeing, scouting and searching – and (the hot) for manipulating (not for seducing). Each of your grades in school / working results will go level up if possible. You soon will be considered genial.

After sex, you and your partner(s) will get move of „Genial genie“ for next 12 hours (if will be another sex in that time, do actualization of the timer). If you already have that move, you just will feel so smart.

The Shadow

You are Shadow (male or female) in human form (male or female – and it has not to be the same gender as is your true form). You are Shadow of any NPC of your age (as you wish) which you choose excluding all above 1 level of power (you are just starting Shadow from start). You are considered curse of the shadowed person and have hunt down the one who you are shadowing. Be just the stronger alive!

Name: You have name in your native (Shadow) language with a meaning (!), but you are using your human name normally. Are you John / Jane Do(w/s – or both)e?

Look: as shadowed person, but weaker, thiner, shadowy skined

Eyes: as appropriate to look (see above)

Origin: As shadowed person.

Stats as shadowed person, but you can make one -1 and put +1 to dark up to dark 3

Darkest self: You need to kill the one who you are shadowing until next 24 hours (which is not recharging) else you get -1 to all rolls. You can escape your darkest self just if the shadowed person will fully accept you – with love and physical action (sex?). The shadowed person can get any help to get this knowledge and to apply it right.

 Add +1 to one of your stats.
 Take another Shadow move.
 Take another Shadow move.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 Take a move from any Skin.
 You are member of spitits society (ask also all eefrits, ghosts, genies etc. to join!:)) in your town

Backstory: You are … (as in the introduction paragraph of this Skin above). You get 1 String o the shadowed person.

MOVES – you get Still hunting, and choose one more.

  • (SELECTED) Still hunting: You do not need rest while actively hunting (excluding seeing, scouting, searching, asking around, seducing, manipulating etc.). Anytime you touch your shadowed person for first in this lunar month of time (28 days), you get +1 String on the shadowed person.
  • Spirit world: You can travel to any spirit world of which you know and stay here for rest of session – being out of it when new session started. You know now just about netherworld – who does not? You are fully out of normal world when being in the spiritual world. You will be in the spiritual world in your true (shadow) form (keeping all stats same). When come back, you will be in the same spot in which you entered the spiritual world. You can use this move in spiritual world to get to another spiritual world – the time of being out of normal world is then cumulative. You came back fully rested as after 8 hours of sound sleeping. You can use this move just once in lunar month of time (28 days) which IS RECHARGING – but if anyhow recharged, you need at least 24 hours from the end time of this move of cool down.
  • Knowing the person: You now know ANY person better. Ask GM for some information which have to include at least 1 secret. Take 1 String on that person. You can use this move just once in lunar month of time (28 days) which IS RECHARGING – but if anyhow recharged, you need at least 24 hours of cool down.
  • Go through barrier: If you shift in your true form, leaving your body behind, you can go through any barrier. You keep all your stats but no more human look. You can use this move just once in lunar month of time (28 days) which IS RECHARGING – but if anyhow recharged, you need at least 24 hours of cool down.
  • Faking target person: You can turn to your true form, leaving your body behind and then take form of ANY person. Keep your stats bul have look of faked person – including clothes of NOW, but excluding any gear. You can use this move just once in lunar month of time (28 days) which IS RECHARGING – but if anyhow recharged, you need at least 24 hours of cool down.

Sex move: If you have sex, you can start shadowing (any) partner and even get the touching bonus now – excluding already shadowed person. and you get recharged ONE rechargeable move. What a surprise!

Monster template filled with gollywog for TTRPG Monsterhearts

  1. Monster is: Gollywog
  2. Monster look: As the nearest observer´s fear.
  3. Monster stats: As the nearest observer (if more, select randomly)
  4. Monster gear + unarmed harm: As the nearest observer (if more, select randomly)
  5. Monster moves: As many as GM wish (!)
    1. Project fear: The nearest observer (if more, select randomly) get -1 to all rolls for fear (get condition FEELING FEAR) and after each miss, the missed move gets -1 (cumulative!). After first usage of this, new nearest observer can be choosed if is as near (+/- 1m) as the choosen first one.
    2. Super spiritual form: In any form, the monster is super spirit, so just blessed or magical weapons can do any harm.
    3. Regeneration: Each 10 minutes get 1 harm back.
    4. Night mare: Monster can enter your sleep, turning it in night mare. You will have all your moves and gear which you had used today. You will be in dreamworld which will be exact copy of your town, but ending with it.
    5. Mindsbattle – see such move in Skin of the Wizard.
  6. STAKES questions: From where it emerged? Is any RIDICULUS spell available? Can it be „healable killed“ by rules“? Can it be full killed?
  7. Notes: Describe and play this monster as fearsome as possible. Play music good for feel fear – my favorite for this task is: „Lexx – A Good Way To Die“ = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pMYv6NHC6c&list=PL3BYwWltY02av758wbFn_5na5dTF66nNn&index=2.

Threat template

See filled examples as „home front“ in http://duchovni.mysteria.cz/soubory/kniha/AW-Front-Fillable-save-princess.pdf.

Threat map

Threat map.
Threat map.

Independent moves for TTRPG Monsterhearts

Superfocusing: You have +1 ongoing to any move which is at least much focusing (including aiming and learning) – deal with GM. If GM did not automatically allow but also not hard disallow use of this move, you can use it as EFFORT – meaning +1 forward (once) to the move with effort and then you can not use effort with the same stat until full rest, which means at least 8 hours of sleeping (which is counted as recharging).

Supermemory: You have +1 ongoing to any remembering or deleting memory move.

Extra sensoric perception (ESP)…: You have +1 ongoing for aby being observation. You can also ask aura question per each normal question available. Aura questions are for example: Which is main Interal animal of the watched being (basic subconscinous modul)? What is current feeling towards me / generally of watched being? Which is the top illness of the watched being? Which curse or blessing has the watched being? This move cost 2 advancements.

Astral traveling: Even for full slepaing time you can conscinously leave your body and travel in normal world, being as invisible ghost and also accessible from the netherworld. This move cost 2 advancements.

Longevity: Your estimated average life lenght is 2* standard average. Statistically the average life expectancy of all people in the world is (in 2022) 66.26 years (64.3 years for males and 68.35 years for females). For my AW settings I have 52 and 55. This move cost 2 advancements. Your oldest peek average age is also prolonged to 2x (now it is 28, in my AW 24). For aging purposes, afer each full year post average you mark 1 shadow harm (see next text for explain) and -1 to your selected stat shadow modification (see next text for explain). The word „shadow“ means, that it is not currently doing anything, but it serves for fatigue resolving. After the shadow modification reach the value of conected number, it will REALLY DO -1 modification and then the shadow level drops on 1. If any stat reached -3 or is done full harm this way, you will die – but you can use the special death solving aproach (if you have at least 1 unused still).

Supersleaping: Just 4 hours of (very) deep sleaping are enough for you instead of standard 8. This move needs teacher and cost 2 advancements.

Unaging (age immortality)…: If you have this move before peak age (see next), then from reaching peak age (23 and my AW 21) – or later if you wish or have this move later – you stop aging. This move cost 3 advancements and is not accessible by mere humanoids or lower beings.


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