1 breakthrough business opportunity including returns of investments (ROI)

Velmistr Radan Chrobok/ Finance, Naše Učení

Investing in us would be truly a breakthrough business! We are an absolutely unique organization! We are just 1 on Earth company which is joining the longest-built Teachings (traditional) with the newest research and technologies.

Zen tarot 11 - průlom.
Zen tarot 11 – průlom.
Our graphically presented marketing methods.
Our graphically presented marketing methods.

Our „operating program“ in the present time – even now it is Breakthrough!:)

Our organisation Perfect DMDU is non-profit company, but offering super Services and perfect Products. Therefore even with these settings, our organisation (resp. unofficial society) is more than self-sustaining and is even generating some income for each of our Teachers and so on. So we are sure, that with enough investment (see next chapter) we will be able to change it to PRETTY PROFITABLE BUSINESS!

  • Yoga Teaching – including Leading (showing exercises and techniques), also with PSYCHOLOGY and even Spirituality. We have super exercises for enhancing concentration, relaxation (meditation), memory, etc.
    • Jnanayoga – knowledge Way (our most beloved Way of Teaching and helping in self Development).
    • Karma Yoga – working Way – with this, anyone is able to be Yogi even at work…
    • Bhakti Yoga – servicing Way – with this any good service is considered doing Yoga including Step(s) on the Way to Enlightenment and even full Liberation!
  • Tantra – as above and even with massages, expressional dancing (very good for wellbeing!:)).
  • Well-being – from general advisory about healthy food, drinks, stretching – exercises through diet(s) made especially for the target person up to full Well-being personal and Spiritual!
  • Psychology – from basic advisory, through analysis of personality (very important to know!) and longer consulting up to full-grown teaching.
  • Spirituality – from basic advisory, through baptizing – you can reach the level of Bishop with us!:)) – up to Enlightenment and even Full Liberation! Nothing higher exists…
    • Spiritual Yoga – see the first point… Our main aim is to help our Students to have Well-being (see above), Enlightenment (understanding yourself and the true Self, understanding God and even the whole Universe), and even full Liberation (as Enlightenment and also being out of Karma – Law of action and reaction and being able o live in Heaven on Earth – see the last chapter)! Naše poradenství je vyšší dimenzí nad tím, co sděluje je věda či pouhé náboženství. Zen – you can become master of your mind and not stay in otherwise suffering…
    • Basic Hinduism – is connected with Yoga (see above).
    • Clear Christianity – Lutheran religion.
  • Martial Arts (also as above) – especially (secret!) Ninjutsu („Hidden techniques“). With this, you will be able to defend yourself or another person(s) or object(s) even without being seen as fighting – so no problem with the laws!
Bojové umění v DMDU (*Změň svůj přístup. Změň svůj postoj. a protivník si to rozmyslí.*).
Bojové umění v DMDU (*Změň svůj přístup. Změň svůj postoj. a protivník si to rozmyslí.*).

What (business) we will be doing depending on the size of the investment and what ROI we are promising

From just our Grandmaster who then (after enough investment) would leave his job and do this (see above) as FULL-TIME SERVICES AND PRODUCTS MAKING through all of us then (after enough investment) would do the same – so more places will be needed (we are not in the same town) – up to full grown School even as UNIVERSITY with Gym (big letter means also Higher, Spiritual meaning)!

So the ROI would be at least like from genial GYM, through from special STUDIO up to from ultimate UNIVERSITY WITH BRANCHES and so on!

If you like to see a number, we can guarantee you at least 9% interest after each year. We would most like a one-time investment (like lending money) when we will pay 10% monthly 11 times. So the investor would get back the whole investor money plus 10% profit after just 11 months from the time of the investment!

Even Covid did not take us down!

Our special offer above just financial ROI

We can help also any investor and even anyone who will be invited by the investor to learn practical psychology, self-defense, Enlightenment, and even full Liberation! Even if someone will die sooner than reached Enlightenment or even full Liberation, we can „at least“ ensure that such a person will go to heaven – and then will be reasonably reincarnated. And even if someone started at a higher age, still we can help such a person to live in Heaven on Earth – also as is mentioned in the song „Heaven is place on Earth“ (Belinda Carlisle). Please understand, that This is above any money!

Please consider our offer and contact us if interested!

Become our sponsor or even a full-fledged partner

If you will sponsor us with at least 100 000,- CZK (estimated prize for full SEO of this web, which will be our Grandmaster´s highest payment for this hobby so far), we will accept you as a full-fledged partner and not just „under“ the person who accepted you as investor, customer or Student. Then we will guarantee you all the psychological and Spiritual Incomes which are mentioned in the previous chapter. You can do that by giving a contract for being able to deduct it from your tax payment. Also, if you INVEST enough large sum of money, we will accept you as a partner. We are known for our helpfulness – hospitality. Oko - srdce (ilustrační obrázek ke cvičení Oko srdce).

Four views of reality (*Information is just bits of data. Knowledge is putting them together. Wisdom is transcending them.* - Ram Dass).
Four views of reality (*Information is just bits of data. Knowledge is putting them together. Wisdom is transcending them.* – Ram Dass).

Please consider our offer and contact us if interested!