2nd Ormrin made RPG: Horror cards TTRPG

Velmistr Radan Chrobok/ TTRPG

Intro – WHY and HOW this horror TTRPG was made

When I firstly GMed TTRPG „Apocalypse word„, I wondered how to make players feel fear (AW has kind of a horror setting). Mechanically I have HARM (fear of death of PC) and I found a possibility to tell the player: „Your PC did SOMETHING which you do not remember.“ (psi harm) – but that was all. Else I have just descriptions, music, etc. (just links because I am mostly playing just online and Play By Post – PBP).

I naturally saw, that here is the table-top RPG „Call of Cthulhu„, but I made the decision to firstly try MY OWN APPROACH to (wider) horror TTRPG.

So, in this game, there should be more fear, respective more WAYS of fear from somehow losing PC – and maybe the wort would be PARTIAL LOST OF PC when you lost Sanity so you did something insane, but you are still sane enough to be responsible (see above AW approach to that). Beginning from simply death (Condition drop to zero), through Sanity lost (hehe) ending with fatigue (so Stamina drop to zero).

Else just music (see the section below) and SOUNDS (see the section below), pictures (see the section below), and short videos (see the section below).

For making this TTRPG easier for beginners to describe, I chose TAROT – resp. HORROR TAROT (you can select a concrete one) – as the randomness system. Just Major arcana will be in use, so rolling just 0 – 21 (1d22-1). 0 is FAILURE fun and CRAZY (the cad is The Fool) and 16 (The Tower) is FATAL FAILURE. Basic target number is 20 + difficulty (1 – 5).

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PC making

Condition base = 5. If 1 = unconscious, if 0 = dead, else „just“ appropriate injury and appropriate minus modification (situation modification)

Sanity base = 5. For each point below maximum, GM can (but not have to) immediatelly or reasonably soon select (or roll…) some unwanted action that the PC just did (it has to be doable!) and does not remember (or remember, which can be even worse?). After lost more than half sanity, the above GM selection is immediatelly AND DAILY – like secondary effects (and at least 1 has to be). If 1 = both above mentioned selected actions are prolonged. If 0 = insane, the PC becomes NPC – not sane!

Stamina base = 5. You lose 1 Stamina just after the whole conflict (after the Initiative is rolled, then turns are around as long as the conflict is to be solved) or after any fatal failure or after skill check even out of combat if it is reasonable – doing fatigue. After each loss of Stamina, if at least short rest does not follow, then the next not easy action will cost another Stamina. If 1 = long rest needed, else no Stamina back (after long rest all Stamina is back). If 0 = so much fatigue then the PC can do just free actions and else just watch… Stamina below zero (which can be because for example SOFT HIT or LOW BRAIN DAMAGE) means unconsciousness.

Attributes and Perks are as in my first Cards TTRPG, just any Perk which is adding „Live“ will be naturally adding Condition OR Sanity OR 2 Stamina – in that cases, they are considered as a new Perks (so you can choose such adding Perk thrice).

Gear as in my first Cards RPG – as appropriate to the (any) settings.

Playing this horror TTRPG

Modifications are as in my first Cards TTRPG.

Drawing cards (rolling) just from High Arcana (1d22-1). 0 is FAILURE fun and CRAZY (the cad is The Fool) and 16 (The Tower) is FATAL FAILURE. Basic target number is 20 + difficulty (1 – 5). Else are as in my first Cards TTRPG.

SUPPORT for this horror TTRPG


Lexx – A Good Way To Die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pMYv6NHC6c&list=PL3BYwWltY02av758wbFn_5na5dTF66nNn&index=2

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Short videos


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